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paris fashion week - excited

24 September 2018









Let´s go and join me into the wonderful world of fashion! Paris FashionWeek is ON! What collections am I already superexcited to see? Well, let´s take it from the start in order! Sept 24th Dior and Jacquemus, Sept 25th Saint Laurent, Sept 26th Dries van Noten and Mugler, Sept 27nd Off-White, Ann Demeulemeester and Chloe, Sept 28th Balmain and Celine, Sept 29th Haider Ackermann, Hermes and Elie Saab, Sept 30th Balenciaga, Thom Browne, Valentino, John Galliano and Givenchy, Oct 1st Alexander McQueen and Stella Mccartney and the Big Finale on Oct 2nd with Chanel and Louis Vuitton! Can not wait! xoxo





weekend in dubai

24 September 2018









This weekend have been about exploring Dubai in many ways. The top was fourwheel driving in the desert of Dubai during the beautiful sunset. :) Everyone who knows me, knows that sunsets are magic to me! Amazing few days and I love it when family and friends visit me here in Dubai! xoxo






milan fashion week - part III

24 September 2018






Dolce & Gabbana



So, this was my last update from Milan FashionWeek season ss2019. As usual: My choice of best looks from my choice of best collections :)

Well hello, you might wonder what the heck happened to GUCCI??? Legit question indeed!! If you are as much into admiring creative genious Alessandro Michele for GUCCI do not miss out on his new collecion that relases tonight 7.30 in Paris. In Paris, you might ask yourself then? Gucci is decamping from Milan for one season and will instead show the ss2019 collection in Paris the French capital. The show marks the crescendo of a three-part homage to France conceived by the Italian brand’s creative director, Alessandro Michele.

“Gucci is a global brand with deep and vibrant Italian roots and a visionary French shareholder, Kering,” said Marco Bizzarri, president and chief executive officer of Gucci. “When Alessandro told me of his desire to present the new collection in Paris— continuing the French-inspired narrative — I thought it was a perfect way to continue the creative homage to France.”

So, even though Milan FashionWeek is over do not dispear: GUCCI is on tonight, although from Paris!!! <3






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louis vuitton - monogram galaxy collection

22 September 2018








This collection is legit! A space collection by Louis Vuitton - called "Monogram Galaxy" will hit selected Louis Vuitton stores and be available on-line, Nov 2nd!

About the bags: The collection includes the Alpha Backpack, Alpha Hobo, Alpha Messenger and the Bumbag. The collection also features travel classics as the Keepall and the Horizon. Alongside will the collection include a wide range of accessories, sneakers and a denim clothes.

Love it! xoxo






Images / Jonas Lindström / Please click on image of your choice for a closer look.



milan fashion week - part II

22 September 2018





Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini





A Saturday update from Milan Fashion Week. As always, my personal picks of best looks from collections I adore! Stay tuned! xoxo




Philipp Plein




Antonio Marras


Roberto Cavalli


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milan fashion week - part I

21 September 2018












Milan Fashion Week has just began showing of rtw season ss2019. I will keep you up-dated with my choice of looks from my choice of best collections. When NYFW, LFW, MFW and PFW is all finished I will as usually create a post consisting of my fashion analysis based upon my fashion scientifical academic background! xoxo





Alberta Ferretti


Emporio Armani








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the love for horses

21 September 2018











Today as I woke up I was thinking of my love for horses! More and more it really hits me that I need to get back to having my own horse. Above you see a picture from the beginning after I got my first own horse, the love of my life - Gila <3 She was a shagya arab / welsh mountain cross bread. As a youngster she had been a showjumper, although I got her on my 12th birtday as a present and changed her body over the years to fit dressage, the sport I was competing in as a junior. I got a lot of help from FEI Grand Prix trainer Bruno Degreef and after a few years her body was totally changed (see as i just got her in a before change pictures, and after a year in an after picutre:) (Even though the best FEI A-trainers in Sweden said that I was the best junior dressage rider they have seen, but on the wrong horse, I did not care as she was right for me. Gila was tricky to ride, with a mind of her own and a very wild temperament due to being so high in blood)

Sadly she passed away so abrouptly in burst aorta way to early in life a couple of years back ! She was my best friend and I lived in the stable daily to be with her and also to help the stable with riding dressage on other horses that needed a great dressage rider.  I was devestated after Gila passed away and have not been in the saddle since.  Now I am thinking of visiting stables in Dubai? If you have any idea where the best ones are, hit me up thru e-mail! xoxo













Thursday - abu dhabi

21 September 2018








Thursday was spent in Abu Dhabi. We visited the wonderful Grand Mosque and what a magic place :) After the Grand Mosque we had planned to go fourwheel driving in the desert during sunset, but lost our way. So, desertdriving and helicopter adventures are planned for Sunday instead.

It is the absolute truth how some enviroments really gives you the right energy and boost your soul, body and mind. Walking in the Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi was empowering. I felt a deep thankfulness of the life I am blessed to live.

As I think about yesterdays adventures I must say that I love it here in UAE. I also love the fact that my three best friends will visit me here, as I am about to stay here for a long while. I do not miss home at all expect for my family, my closest friends and my work and collegues at Louis Vuitton <3 




blessed in life

19 September 2018









I am truly feeling more and more in harmony and that I am actually already, after 3 weeks in lovely Dubai, getting my mojo back in life :) Utterly blessed! Yesterday was spent boating all day and what a lovely solitude day that was. Today is all about training and gaining: Swimming, yoga and lifting weights is on todays schedule. PowerAlice! I have some friends from Sweden that will visit me while I am living in Dubai. Tomorrow the first one arrives and will be here Thursday-Sunday. We have already booked to visit mosques and go fourwheel driving in the desert at night! So these up-coming days with all about discovering the culture and beauty of UAE! 



(Btw, I do know that Milan FashionWeek has started, although I will do my fashionpost next week due to absence of blogging a few days ahead)





london fashion week - part II

17 September 2018





David Koma


Christopher Kane




My choice of best looks from the recent catwalks presented for season ss2019 at London Fashion Week. Love em and I do think the diversity of the idea of fashion and modernity in todays western society is so thrilling! xoxo









Peter Pilotto


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a sunday in dubai

16 September 2018








Sunday will be a day spent at Dubai Mall! I have such a easy access to that wonderful place as it is just about a five minute walk from my apartment in Burj Al Nujoom :) We will begin at Cheescake Factory with an enourmous brunch, as a swedish friend here truly recommended. After that some shopping I do presume and tonight I will probably go out a bit to Billionaires?

What else? Well, all friday and saturday was spent training and gaining. Reading and relaxing poolside inbetween sessions. Love my life!

About fashion! Well I follow the fashionshows of september on-line. First out was NYFW and now LFW is ongoing and will be followed up by Milan and Paris FashionWeeks. So much to take in and reflect about as for example where the world of fashion is going and why? As you know I will do a summery as usual of my impressions after all these FashionWeeks (season ss2019 rtw) are over and I am able to reflect and compare. So just stay tuned in here! 

Another thing is that there will be a FashionWeek in Dubai up-coming week. exciting as it is called FashionForward and I do hope I will at.least get some invites to shows and partys? :) Love you all xoxo





london fashion week - part I

16 September 2018






Julien Macdonald


Victoria Beckham



London Fashion week is on for season ss 2019. As usual I here present my choice of best looks from my personal choice of best collections. Sometimes I choose collections from a personal taste kind of view with looks that talk to my fashionheart and sometimes I present collections that are so fashion forward that they have made an artistic impact on me!

This is part I from the recent runways in London. Do not forget to click on the image of your choice for a closer look. As always this is the way as u can look closer and also download pictures that is of interest for you :) Easy as f**k! xoxo




J.W. Anderson


Gareth Pugh


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friday in dubai

14 September 2018









Very much about me living in Dubai for a couple of months is getting empowered. Everyday I start early in the morning swimming. After that a bit of yoga before breakfast.  Every second day, after breakfast, I go to the gym and lift weights or run intervals. In the afternoon I usually lay poolside and read books. :) Love this schedule!  I do not use social media as much as I usually do, as almost all of my days is spent with training and getting stronger and stronger whilst leaner and leaner <3. When I use instagram at all, it is mainly when I walk to the mall or go out to hang out with friends or party. So ,if you think I have a bit of social media absence: It is just that I am either training or chilling and those moments are holy for me and my way of getting stronger day by day, body and mind! Love it! xoxo





nyfw - part III

14 September 2018










This is update III of my choice of best collections season ss2019 presented at NYFW. Out of these collections I have also picked out my best looks. Zimmermann is a personal fav so it is just legit for me to here present more looks then from the other collections. Love em! xoxo




Marc Jacobs




Oscar de la Renta



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swedish crayfish party - dubai

10 September 2018







I love it here in Dubai <3 Everyday is wonderful with so many new and old friends to hang out with that provides that wonderful positive energy. All the mornings are spent training: Swimming and Yoga1 Never a dull moment :) Sunday evening was spent Billionaires with friends and what an amazing night as usual.

Today a friend throws a Swedish Crayfish Party. Awesome! I love crayfish and every summer I go fishing for crayfish in the night with my father at our countryhouse. Now off! Laters! xoxo







nyfw - part II

10 September 2018






Ralph Lauren




Carolina Herrera




Update part II of my choices of best looks from my choice of best collections presented for season ss2019 at New York FashionWeek. Lovely are they not? xoxo




Jonathan Simkhai






Prabal Gurung


Diane von Furstenberg


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when the sun goes down

08 September 2018










When the sun goes down my thoughts goes to rememberence! Today would be your birthday, if you were still on earth. Sweet music man: You where a beautiful soul with a kind heart and a genious in so many ways. If you are in a place called heaven I take comfort in that people say that: God take the ones he love the most, early in their lifes! Or maybe you will live for eternity like in your favourite movie"The Fountain"? 

All I know for certain is that I will remember you forever and cherish the time we spent together. Watching the sun sets and the sun rises over the rooftops while holding hands and promise to never let go. 

The great Lord Byron wrote a poem of heartbreak and some of the phrases describe my feelings at this moment as I look back in time:

"When we two parted In silence and tears, Half broken-hearted To sever for years,

Pale grew thy cheek and cold, Colder thy kiss; Truly that hour foretold Sorrow to this.

The dew of the morning Sunk chill on my brow-- It felt like the warning Of what I feel now...."

"They know not I knew thee, Who knew thee too well-- Long, long shall I rue thee, Too deeply to tell.

In secret we met-- In silence I grieve..."





nyfw - part I

08 September 2018






Tom Ford




Btw, as I already is on my computer and strolling along: I might as well update you from the world of fashion, my passion in life! Here I present my choice of best looks from the first days ss2019 collections presented at New York FashionWeek. Best collections so far according to me is: 1. Tom Ford as an ubermagical and uberlit collection with so many great looks that I had a problem just choosing a few. 2. Alena Akhmadullina with your wonderful creations you inspire my choice of being a free sprit in mind and my strenght to keep of daring to express inner self on the outside! xoxo





Alena Akhmadullina



Jeremy Scott



Red Valentino




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my dubai - update I

08 September 2018









My Dubai - update I - pure looove! I have just been here nearly a week, although it really feels like home from home. Mostly taking it easy, reading books and chilin poolside, even get some freckles :) Everyone in Dubai is so welcoming and I do think kindness is one word that comes to mind of the people I meet in Dubai. As you all know, kindness is for me one of the most important feautures in humans. 

I love my apartment in Burj Al Nujoom. I love the easy strolls and access to everything in a close distance. The first days has been a lot of meeting up with friends from before, so it has been a little bit too hectic at times I presume?

All in all, could not have asked for a better greeting back to my wonderful paradise of Dubai. xoxo






dubai - my paradise

03 September 2018









In a couple of hours it is lift off :) Later today I will arrive in my wonderful Dubai where I will spend some months getting my mojo back in life. This will be months well spent empowering myself and figuring out what directions and steps I need to choose for making life so true to myself and my inner dreams as possible. These months will be a vacation preparing for the future: Cultural discovering, mindfulness empowering, bodywork towards a leaner and stronger me by a whole lot of training and relaxation with oil painting and extensive reading. Ofc, I will take time for some social things like party and so forth, although that is not my main purpose with this loong vacation. The main purpose is figuring out who I am and decide for myself the paths in life, not just riding the rollercoaster of life faster and faster! :)

I will not blog more than maximum once a week to keep you updated of my life and I might even cut down on social media activities! Take care you all out there and remember: Be kind always!!! xoxo






saturday - hairday

01 September 2018








Finally, hairday! My hair has been in awful condition the last weeks, although I had to wait so I could fix it just before take-off to Dubai. Today I will be able to flip my hair like I just do not care, after a visit at my amazing hairstylist Alexander Meyer <3 Final errands has to be done too. Left a bunch of boots and shoes at Bäckmans to get new soles and so forth. Gonna pick them up today! I do think I will at least need one suitcase for shoes and bags and one for clothes :) Less then 2 days left in this duckpone, can not wait to touch ground in my paradise, Dubai! xoxo







visit - louis vuitton -Asnières-sur-Seine

31 August 2018









Are you planning a trip to the fashion capital of the world, Paris? Are you a true passionista with a vurm for luxury fashion? The, plan you trip the right dates! The 12th-!4th of October the Louis Vuitton workshop will open up for the public in Paris - Asnières-sur-Seine!! Read all about it at Vogue Paris thru link here! If I was not in Dubai during that time, Paris would be my no1 choice those dates! xoxo








All images from article at 


fashionweek stockholm - part II

31 August 2018






Ivyrevel (aw2018)


Diana Orving


Jennifer Blom




Yesterday I watched the ss2019 show by Diana Orving. It was not a catwalk more a modern dance in beautiful clothes :). Fashionweek Stockholm this time around has now ended. These are the best looks part II out of personal choice! Enjoy :) xoxo







By Malina


Filippa K



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fashionweek stockholm - part I

30 August 2018





Emelie Janrell


Selam Fessahaye



I decided to divide the shows for ss 2019 / Fashionweek in Stockholm into two parts. These are my top looks of all the collections so far. Fashionweek ends today so lot of shows left to look forward to ofc. The one show I would have loved to get an invite to is ofc the styling of vintage clothing that was created/styled by amazing Inga Klemetz Farago in collab with Stockholm Auktionsverk (Auctionfirm), see looks here! That show is amaxing for someone like me loving vintage fashion from both the fashionable perspecive and the sustainable, win-win! <3

Soon, this afternoon I will walk down to Grand Hotel and see the show for Diana Orving. Superexcited! Laters xoxo




Ida Klamborn


Naim Josefi


Ida Sjöstedt


All images from Please click on image of your choice for a closer look.



craving desert - dubai

26 August 2018










I need sand between my toes again and now I am just one week away from my paradise, Dubai! Starting off next week I will live there for a couple of months to get my mojo in life back! Mindfulness is the goal for my extended vacation there this time around! I will spend my time doing things like start painting again, take time for extensive reading, work on both my body and mind and I might even get back in the horse saddle again as I have not been in one since my own horse passed away. I wanna expore the culture too with visits into the desert and vmosques. These are my priorities for this vacation, energy boosting! 

This last week is now being planned: Monday - Wednesday I will live at my fathers place as I will miss him soo very much when I leave! Tuesday we will also visit my grandparents! Family 1st! <3 Wednesday evening I will meet up with some lovely collegues from both Louis Vuitton and Chanel for dinner and drinks! Thursday I will see the Diana Orving show at Grand Hotel as Stockholm FashionWeek is on for ss2019. Friday and Saturday will be all about hanging out the last days in Stockholm with my loved ones! :) xoxo




my second skin

25 August 2018










Tonight, as I check myself out in the mirror while getting dressed I feel empowered in wearing Agent Provocateur Lingerie! There is something special with pure silk and sexy underwear underneath the outfit! The lingerie may be invisible for others, yet I feel lit and completely on fire, even if nobody else sees them. My little secret! Here I present a selection of some of my adorable choices, my personal pick for tonight I keep a secret! xoxo








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idea of luxury - transformation

22 August 2018









I read an interesting article in a Swedish newspaper today by cultural journalist Dag Granath. The article was all about the transformation within the luxury fashion industry. Luxury brands have roots in beliefs that "luxury" goes hand in hand with quality, design and craft innovation and this is the way to legitimize high prices, exclusivity and values from these factors to attract the right segment of consumers. Nowadays the creation of value for the customer as well as the creation of desire is all changing rapidly. It has become clear these last years that the creative leadership has moved from creating a product, into communicating a message. The luxury industry of today is more and more selling an image and an idea. The products themselves are loosing value and the packiting and marketing of an idea or a message comes first. It is all about the hype!!! Are the fashion industry turning into the pervert idea of "you can sell everything with the right marketing and package, what you create is quite insignificant"?? For me, coming from an academic background in fashion science and ethnology with a mayor part of my studies focusing on the luxury fashion industry and the concept of luxury overall, I feel distressed! Although, I do think that the hype of today is all superfly in its modernity and a reflection of todays society, this will change over time in a society where awareness of higher values will survive into the future. I do think the future creative leaders in the fashion industry will come back to the historically central idea that luxury is based upon design, innovation, quality and craftmanship. Otherwise I do agree with Granath: The concept of luxury will loose its lust! (If you can understand Swedish, follow link to read the article, here) xoxo








best from copenhagen fashion week

21 August 2018





Baum und Pferdgarten


Stine Goya




Here I present my personal choice of best collections and best looks from Denmark and Copenhagen FashionWeek for season spring 2019. Unmistakable Scandinavian looks with freshness, sleakness and feminism in an very attractive way for the modern woman! Love it!!! xoxo






By Malene Birger


Saks Potts


All images from Please click on image of your choice for a closer look.


still on my mind

20 August 2018









3 years ago - 5th July 2015 our first sunrise morning together holding hands on the rooftop of your Stockholm apartment. I put up a stillpic on instagram to capture that first moment and you felt the same showing a videoclip. Acknowledgement of a soulmate both ways. As we said when we met: "Like looking in a mirror".

4 months ago today - 20th april 2018 the end of your life as your wonderful soul left us mortal for higher purposes in the afterlife where you will live in eternity: NEVER forgotten by me.

Today I feel I have learned a lot from what happened to us. How people one surround oneself with should be choosen with the admost care! How people may have their own agendas and without respect to others true feelings or needs in life. I have regrets in the way I feel I did not trust your strong feelings. In my heart I knew, and you told me too, that they where all true. At that time I was nervous and overwhelmed of emotions and sadly trusted the ones you surrounded yourself with that they had your best interest in mind. How very wrong I was to do so! I know that now.

Also today I swapped to a new mobile. I was going through all the pictures on my old mobile from snapchat and messages you sent me. I was looking at the pictures I took of you and also us together. Now, these pictures are cherished memories that I keep close to my heart and all for myself. 

Last but not least: I do belive you will live in eternity in some form. For me: My life goes on! I go Bonnie and Clyde without you. And I do promise you that the next man I will fall for will be exactly as loving, kind and openhearted as you. I will never settle for less! Destiny is all! xoxo




mood - summer evenings

18 August 2018










All images featuring uberwonderful Anna Ewers captured by amazing photographer Camilla Akrans.

berluti - creates desire

18 August 2018










I do think that a man in a Berluti suit is an attractive man! A man who with his appearence reveals a strong vurm of fashion as in: Craftsmanship, modernity and heritage, quality materials and so forth in his choice of clothing may absolutely arise my desires :) As I went on-line to get some eyecandy from the fashionworld of today it struck me that the Berluti fashion sense is reflected in the creation of its very own homepage as well. The webpage include, not just wonderful images from campaigns, editorials and so on: The mayor impact to me regarding the homepage is all the fashion information about about everything from how to customize a suit til how to take the best care of your cashmere clothing. Another thing struck me, being a bit of a nerd for everything beautiful, the creation of the pedagogic and illustrative "figures" into the different underpages. Adore them! A beautiful designed homepage!

So, if you want to "arise my desires" and want inspiration into dressing like my ideal of a Mr Right from Berluti, you are most welcome through link here! xoxo





Image from


Inspirational - vogue paris - dinner

14 August 2018










Now, off for a dinner with some friends :) Seafood it is and to just send you in a inspirational mood, as fashion editorials often sends me in the right mood, I decided to share an editorial story that is absolutely smashing. It is from Vogue Paris in August 2012, shot by Lachlan Bailey with styling by Geraldine Saglio!  Absolutely adore it ! Pure magic! xoxo









too cool for school

14 August 2018








I was born into a family that adore fashion <3 From the very beginning my parents dressed me up in an individual way and this has maybe formed me into a fashion passionista. Already in kindergarden, and later as I started school, kids (and other parents) talked about: How strange Alice is dressed? Where do they find those clothes? Why do her parents want her to look so different? Well, I felt cool in my black clothes, punkstyle, rockstyle, bohemic chic, fluffy, lot of patterns and my fav leopard prints. No other girl dressed like me and I was empowered by this! The only one that I feel came near my coolness was a boy named Leo (on the other hand if your surname is Åkerlund your from a highly creative home, so that is completely understandable). To sum it up, in my eyes we were the best dressed kids in school :) 

In those days, 15-20 years ago, dressing kids in a different and not mainstream way, was very uncommon in Sweden!! My family went travelling every fashion season to London or Miami. These were the citys where all the clothes, shoes and accessoires was picked out for me. I wore mostly Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Replay, Moncler, Diesel, Dior and Oilily.

When I get my own kids, and if I would be blessed to have a girl, I will dress her into a strong and individual child. Make her feel the power in daring to be different I do think form a better personality and a sense of that everyone should be able to express themself and their individuality in whatever way they want to. Me? Got it from birth!

Here I present some looks that reminds me of how I used to dress. Lovely are they not? xoxo







Girl jackets age 6-8 from Dsquared, Givenchy, Fendi and GUCCI.





Girl: age 6-8 Roberto Cavalli dress, Chloe dress, Moschino dress and Versace hoodie.





Girl shoes age 6-8 from Givenchy, GUCCI, Moschino and Versace.



Pictures from internetshop at Please click on image of your choice for a closer look.


saturday - feeling you

11 August 2018









2nd round coming up! Friday night in Stockholm nightlife was magic, so fun to catch up with everyone coming back into town :) Now Saturday, feeling you!!!!! This evening begins at my place with Moa and Lammet coming over for drinks and thai food <3 This Saturday is special in many ways. Foremost that I already sense how very much I am gonna miss Lammet, who will move to L.A for University studies up-coming week. Well well, let´s send her off with a big BAAM! xoxo





my paradise - dubai

09 August 2018









Soon we meet again, Dubai my special place on earth <3 I already booked flight tickets with Emirates (ofc) a couple of months back. Today I got all the other preperations checked off my to-do-list:

1. I found a wonderful apartment for me at Burj Al Nujoom that I booked and paid today :) An ubermodern apartment with an amazing balcony view and including everything a princess like me would need for an extended vacation some months, including rooftop pool and gym ofc :) (Mum thought I needed a also cleaning lady coming every week as well, so had to fix that too). 2. I also got information and prepared myself for a Dubai mobile number 3. Last but not least I fixed/paid my new travel insurence. 

All prepared for 3rd of September when it is take-off for me. Bye-bye, you little duckpond called Stockholm and Hello my wonderful Dubai <3 xoxo






07 August 2018









Shhhhh :) First I want to make an adress to "Hanna", which is probably not your real name? You have a tendency to troll me, and this is your 2nd time around. Soo, if you do not wanna hush up, at least stand by you opinion as you are most welcome to express your hating by email or message at my facebook Alice Victoria Schneiter Korinth. If not, get a life in stead of stalking me in a way to seek attention from me and my life:) :) :) !!!

It has truly baffled me that the comments, thru almost five years of keeping this homepage running, has always rendered in great comments, great feedback in my email and offers of buisiness opportunities <3 Although, six (6) times (in all) trolls has hit this blog and I do honestly welcome both likers and haters opinions. Haters (trolls), I would appreciate you wrote your remarks to me in person, so we can discuss you opinions in a direct communication. :) You have found me, now I am curious who you really are and also what is your agenda behind the desktop while writing? :)

Today, I was planning an afternoon at Sturebadet. My plans changed as other things got my attention. I took an early morning long powerwalk with Krispy around Djurgården, after that I updated my father on the phone for half an hour about my latest travel experience! How he laughed :) :) Love him to bits <3. Now off to catch up with a beep I did not meet in a while. She finish her work at 3 o-clock, so gotta hurry! Love my life! xoxo






travel - louis vuitton

07 August 2018









As I tend to travel more and more in my life: How about choosing Louis Vuitton and travel in style? Well, been thinking about it for a while and when (or if) I start at Louis Vuitton again I will build up my own collection as putting together my own private luggage. These are a few of my top choices. I put the top three for women up and men down. You may alter however you want in todays genderless society. Although, I must admit I am a bit oldfashioned so I would go for these divided choices :) When on the subject of Louis Vuitton and travel, have you read the article at Vogue about Louis Vuitton being the celebs choice for travel. If you have not yet, follow link here! xoxo







All images from Please click on image of your choice for a closer look.


my home - pure love

06 August 2018











Previously: This was from beginning to end an openhearted and truthful blogpost. I felt after much consideration that it should be deleted. For those of you who have already read it: Everything was true and none exhaggerated, I meant every word I said.

Although, after getting texts from persons involved, who are in fact the ones who mistreated me enourmously I decided to remove the previous words in this post. This change is nothing more then the truth kept in the dark and not public. My choice to delete the previous words are to be seen as that I am a not only a truthful person: I have empathy and kindness, even to them who do not treat me the same way back!!!  Do not want to bring back a fake and toxic friendship at all! I have already moved o with my life. And moved on while looking back to that week in Marbs as a hugh experience in knowing who your true friends really are! xoxo




vacay update - mood

03 August 2018










This week my vacation world tour has landed in Marbs! Soo much to do all the time. New people and new surroundings! As I almost never get any sleep I tend to take some powernaps now and then. When I close my eyes today this is what I thought of: What kind of people I have choosen to surround myself with? Or am I the choosen one who just go with the flow? Is this life really for me? I am an oldfashioned girl who has spent the major part of my life in the stables with my horse, is that where I really truly belong? Last years has been so much about fashion, party and exploring. Do I need to get back to my "roots"? Or could I settle down somewhere and work with fashion yet be at the stables almost daily? That would seem dreamy! Well, time will tell! Although, something is really missing in my life! I need less drama (I never coped with that shit) and more hands-on reality :) I need more people around me to dare to discover my inside, instead of judging me by my beauty! I have my loving family and a couple of true friends, so I should feel utterly blessed! Do not get me wrong my life has been perfect so far, yet I need to find mindfulness! This is what I will try to regain while in Dubai for a couple of months all by my own: Exploring, training, yoga, riding, painting and reading loads of books :)  Well well, now off for dinner! Later alligator! xoxo