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best sunprotection - maxidresses

24 May 2018






Dolce & Gabbana, Chloe and Missoni




Dreaming about a colorful and vibrant summer :) I do have a very fair skin and get so easily burned. Skinproducts with a high sunfactor is a must for me as well as wearing maxidresses and hats.  Today I was shopping on-line as I need new maxidresses pronto for up-coming hot hot summer days and nights ;) This is the ones that I selected from! My choices will be shown, when my orders arrives :) xoxo





Attico, Borgo De Nor and Vetements



Zimmermann, Emilio Pucci and Camilla



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what is on my mind?

23 May 2018









These are the things on my mind as I woke up this morning:


1. Work 

Just about 2,5 months left before my looong vacay. I decided last year, as I graduated, that I would have summer-fall 2018 all to myself. Travel wherever I wanna travel. Live wherever I wanna live. So from July life will be all about myself :) This last 4 years I have been studying more than fulltime and working on the side within the fashion industry halftime or fulltime! I am proud of my achievements and feel I have earned and deserve off this hectic rollercoaster called Life.

2. New opportunities

I got a job assignment for the first week of August in my mail last week. All details included and I can not figure out if that career is for me, modelling I mean. Amazing photographer with an amazing work background. The job is catalogue for swimwear and lingerie. The salary between a 5-6 figure dollar income!! As you know me, I am not thinking about the money at all! If I would sign that contract it would be all for getting a new thrilling experience. Well, well I have not decided yet? 

3. Last month grief

Been on a huge mourning period this last month. I have also kept my mourning and chock away from social media with the deepest respect for someone who did not want to be in the public eye! Been shaking and crying for the first two weeks. Now as four weeks has passed by,  at least I can sleep an entire night without tears. I still miss him, the life that could have been with a soulmate that I now know also acknowledged me in the same way! <3

4. Matters of the heart

I will never never ever settle for less! I will never ever be with someone who do not trust and respect me for the person that I am! Judge me on the outside and you will never find out what is within my soul. Love and kindness will find its way! I am in absolutely no hurry! 


Thats all folks! Time for an afterwork this evening as Louis Vuitton HQ is in town! Fab! xoxo





new collections - resort 2019

23 May 2018








These looks are my choices from my top collections released this week. I want them all! My top pick would be the 70s style! xoxo







Roberto Cavalli



Bottega Veneta



Oscar de la Renta



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sunny sunday brunch

20 May 2018










I do love my hoods since birth! Now, a little walk towards a brunch at Christos Neos new place Glashuset on the docks overlooking the ocean. Love it. Gotta hurry now, bffs Angie and Eloise is waiting for me. This is truly a magic Swedish summer Sunday! Utterly blessed! xoxo




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mrs alice - rolemodel

19 May 2018









As everyone is looking towards the Britain today due to the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markel, I choose to spend that time indulging my top instagramaccount of the word Alice Naylor Leylands, MrsAlice! <3 

When I look at her pictures I dream away to the time I myself will be a Mrs Alice. I also wanna work in the fashionindustry in some way, I also wanna spend a lot of time with my children as they are growing up. I also wanna have an awesome husband and live in a marrige where family always comes first. I also wanna live a life surrounded by horses and hounds. 

Mrs Alice is the only true lifestyle rolemodel I ever found on social media. Belive me, Mrs Alice you got me hooked on a freakin awesome feeling! xoxo








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weekend vibes

18 May 2018









Weekend vibes really kicking in! This is my extended weekend off this month, so no work until Wednesday. Tonight some of my bffs is coming over to my place. I do think we will grab some Fat Franks pizza on my balcony. After that: Well, hello nightlife which ofc means V/Wall, as summer has come ;)

Tomorrow Saturday, partying begins early as Ahlbom is throwing one of his amazing brunches at Riksarkivet (update- moved to Nosh and Chow instead). I Have been looking forward to that dayparty for months now <3

Besides that, well I finally will have time to hit the gym, fix my hair (that really needs a makeover) on Monday and ofc enjoy our beatiful summer weather. See ya out there! xoxo







time to hit the gym

18 May 2018









I really had too much to do recently so the gym has been lacking my attention. Although I have been doing powerwalks for hours almost every second evening with my little yorkie. I have no actual stress to hit the gym as I do adore my figure and would not like to change anything about it. The reason for wanting to hit the gym is to feel stronger and get that energy boost only a hard workout provides. Love it! xoxo





louis vuitton for ballers or players :)

18 May 2018







Soon the World Championship 2018 will begin. This time in Russia. Which team is to take home that amazing trophy? And the box, unbeliveable cool! Well if I was a baller, hmmm. Or a player, hmmmm. I would love to grab some gear from a limited collection that has the releasedate 19th of June! One can get tags of ones fav team as well! Ubercool! Check this out! xoxo











The bound between father and daughter

18 May 2018










It is so true there is a very special love between father and daughter. As usual every year,  I went with my father to Miami a couple of weeks ago. Amazing days and amazing evenings with laughter and deep discussions in a perfect mix. I can tell my father exactly everything, he have my back no matter what - unconditional love both ways. This last weeks I have preferred to spend my evenings with him. Our evenings together has always been so important for us. Just the two of us loving every minute spend together. When I was a child I waited for him to come home late lat in the evening. Then we always went out playing tennis on the empty schoolyard, climbing trees in Djurgården or going biking. No matter how late or how dark the evening was! Mother always let me stay up very very late as she thought it important for father and daughter to spend quality time alone. 

This last weeks we have been hanging out almost every second evening. I have prefered it that way as I miss having him around daily. We like to grab some dinner or take loong walks around town together. One thing that is quite funny is that my father is still so freaking good youthful looking, dressing trendy that sometimes people who never met him with me before, actually thinks I am on a date :) Awkward, hehe! Love him to bits! xoxo










givenchy resort 2019

18 May 2018










This collection is freaking awesome! As usual I just pick out my choices of top looks. Brilliant collection! xoxo






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Philipp Plein ss2019 Resort

17 May 2018






This week Philipp Plein showed the resortcollection for ss 2019. As usual I feel there is something very special with this brand! Can not figure it out, might be a feeling of always legit. Legit for the interpretation of time and legit for the interpretation of "don´t giving a fuck" or "do-watchu-like"! Very powerful and joyful is my verdic! xoxo






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new - prefall collections 2018

17 May 2018








Here I present this weeks best collections for pre-fall 2018 according to my taste. This is also my choices of best looks from those collections ofc :) xoxo



Ralph Lauren



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time to run

16 May 2018









Really gotta run very very soon! Dinner @ Wall 10 0´clock and looking forward for a fab night out :) 

As I was working over tonight doing some vm at our lovely Louis Vuitton flagshipstore in Stockholm, gotta get fixed in less then half an hour! All I need to have time for is to jump in the shower, put on a little make-up on and figure out what heels that will make me wanna shake by booty off this magic summernight out?  xoxo





creating desire - swimwear - on my mind

16 May 2018











Last evening I went on-line to click home some swimwear as summer is on its way. I have always been a sucker for Victorias Secret since my early teens. :)  Although nowadays I do feel both the show and the presentation on the website has lost its magic glow completely. Do not get me wrong the women are gorgeous as usual, truly sexy angels! I would like to be one myself ofc, although 171 cm in height is not enough even if one has a true killerbody and charisma ;)

Back to the matter on my mind: The presentation of Victorias Secret swimwear is, sorry to say, booooring! Nothing with the show nowadays or the looks on the websight makes me wanna buy that magic that use to be the signature mark of Victorias Secret. I do think that company has to meet up to the current netmarket and meet the customers on a completely different level in order to create desire and get back that validation that was so strong before. Look at the images below:  1. nervous models feeling out of place or afraid of water maybe? 2. half a cameltoe showing, where was the stylist? 3. Akward poses not showing off their great bodies in a positive way. Well, I could go on and on and on! What happened to the magic of using amazing photographers as Russell James, Ben Watts and Jerome Duran?. What happened to making that photo magic with uberangels? 

Then I said to myself why not check out the Swedish websight NA-KD. Tell me one thing, why do this smaller company with less gorgeous models and probably not such superphotographers succeed where Victorias Secret fail??? NA-KD use of course beautiful models and they seem to feel comfortable in the swimwear with the appearance of strong modern women of today. The looks, and fashion, actually made me click home some new swimwear so actually they got me hooked.

I have during my academic studies in fashion and ethnology learned a lot about photo analysis and also how to send messages thru exhibitions and shows. When I get it down to for instance Roland Barthes theory, all I can say is:The message the sender was hoping the receiver would get, was missed out on for Victorias Secret and so failure in presenting producs  leads to failure in keeping customer desire on a high. Example=myself!

Well, may companies in the world has to rethink how to create desire for now, next seasons and long-term. The world of fashion is so vivid and colorful at the moment, so one must dare to take steps ahead in a will to try to foresee the future. When I do think about it. The world of fashion is so much about the innovation, creation, modernity, PR, marketing and branding, sooo strange then that many fashion companies do not have fashionscientists hired to do market analysis and precictions within the fashion industry?? Might be that my education is so new, the industry does not even know what it consists of, or how much etnology as to do with fashion? How would those companies then know how much they would benifit from having staff with that education? 


I love the fact that this is my own lifestyle diary! No considieraton to commercials or adlinks and so forth! I may tell my own min exactly as it is, at least as long as I am my own boss here! As long as I have the opportunity to use this channel, I will do my admost to let you readers from all over the world, know my opinion about the global world of fashion. Naked and truthful! xoxo




Victorias Secret



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louis vuitton - british royal wedding

15 May 2018









Louis Vuitton has launched a limited collection of bags in celebration of Harry and Meghan´s wedding. According to British Harpers Bazaar the range, which is only available to buy in the London flagship store, features four of the Louis Vuitton styles - the Keepall, Speedy, Neo Noe and Petite Malle - each emblazoned with the Union Jack. The patriotic collection only consists of 85 pieces!! Are you one of the lucky customers who will own one of these limited bags? 

The windows of the Louis Vuitton flagshipstore on New Bond Street have also had a patriotic makeover featuring a series of mini moving Union Jack flags and "Louis Vuitton celebrates the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle" etched across the glass.

I simply adore this manifestation of love! xoxo







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royal wedding dresses

15 May 2018











This post will be in Swedish as it is about a current televison program on SVT: "Royal Weddingdresses". As you already must know is that these Royal weddingdresses in fact played their part in my fashion scientific thesis "CrownPrincess Victoria - dress in royal duties" . I will discuss the program and the connection to my thesis in Swedish below. Bare with for not translating into English, as the program itself and my thesis has no translation into English either! xoxo


I helgen sände SVT programmet "Kungliga brudklänningar" vilket är ett ämne som var en stor del av min forskning inför mitt modevetenskapliga uppsatsarbete med "För Sverige i Tiden - Kronprinsessan Victoria - klädsel i kunglig ämbetsutövning".  Största delen gav min forskning gav mig svar på hur Kronprinsessan Victoria kunde ändra sin kungliga garderob och genom denna förändring få positiva fördelar i sin image genom förändrad branding, pr, marketing och även att hon genom förändrad klädsel kunde visa vilka frågor som stod henne närmast hjärtat, såsom miljöfrågor. (Jag vet att Kronprinsessan själv personligen fick del av min forskning och även min uppsats när den var färdig) 

Tilläggas ska i denna del av uppsatsen innefattade även ett specifikt ämne "Kungliga brudklänningar" med ett ursprung i den då pågående utställningen på Kungliga Slottet. I min modevetenskapliga forskning blev jag inbjuden till Kungliga Slottet för att göra några intervjuer. En av dessa intervjuer, som tog plats på Kungliga Slottet, gjorde jag med chefen för Kungl. Husgerådskammaren och Bernadottebiblioteket, Överintendent Margareta Nisser-Dalman. Hon ansvarar för förvaltningen av de kungliga slottens lösöresamlingar och Bernadottebibliotekets samlingar av böcker och fotografier. En del av det s.k. "kunskapsförmedlande arbetet" sker ju i form av utställningsverksamhet (intervjun i sin helhetsform finns som bilaga till min uppsats).  Kronprinsessans bröllopsklädsel har jag också undersökt extra nära genom en egen fältobservation vid Kungliga Slottets utställning ”Kungliga brudklänningar 1976-2015”. I uppsatsen har Kronprinsessans brudklädsel undersökts i jämförelse med Drottning Silvias och de samtida prinsessorna inom svenska kungahuset, men även andra historiska och samtida europeiska kungligheter. 

Vad tyckte jag då om det aktuella SVTprogrammet? Jo, det var trevligt att höra kungligheterna själva berätta om sina brudklänningar och självklart även de svenska designers som var intervjuade :) Vad jag saknade i programmet var dock en förmedling av den känsla som Drottning Silvia berörde så fint i sitt invigningstal då hon förklarade utställningen som "En utställning i kärlekens tecken". Vad jag också saknade var bilder på utställningens konstruktion och uppbyggnad som är en stor del av upplevelsen, att via brudklänningarna komma de kungliga brudarna närmare. Programmet gav mig främst en sorts nostalgisk återblick till för mer än ett år tillbaka när kunglig garderob tog upp den största delen av mitt liv! :) xoxo








a spiritual moodboard

12 May 2018









This is my moodboard about my current status! I see you everywhere is a beautiful rememberance of a beautiful soul. Things happens around me daily that I can not explain, sometimes it sooths my mind to think you had something to do with it. Like a sign from another place, maybe! Or, maybe I am fooling myself and maybe I have been so oversensitive in grief these last weeks that I tend to read in more things to stuff than actually is true? Might be just my way of mourning and still hoping you are present in a spritual way?  I just wanna tell you that if you are there, I do feel you presence and this moodboard is all about drifting away in beautiful memories! Love









All images from Vogue Germany by Camilla Åkrans.





candy 4 summer

12 May 2018






Dolce & Gabbana and Valentino




Summer is coming up and I need candy! Although, I do my very best to choose more fashionable healthy nowadays as buying vintage and less new products, I tend to consume some new candy every summer season anyway. Temptation and desire are high for these ones! How may I resist?! :) xoxo



GUCCI and Prada 

Alexander McQueen and Chloé


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new collections - my choices

12 May 2018





Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2018



This is a mix-max of the recently presented new various collections. In this post I just present my favourite collections and my choices of top-looks from them. Enjoy!! xoxo



Burberry Resort 2019


Prada Resort 2019


Mugler Fall 2018 RTW


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azzedine alaia - The Couturier

10 May 2018










Another exhibition that is a must for me next time in London is "Azzedine Alaie: The Couturier" at The Design Museum, follow link here!

Such an amazing artist! Lucky me I studied French for seven years as the amazing clip below gave me such pleasure! If you do not understand French, well turn down the volume and put on some music instead, while watching the clip anyway! (Don´t forget to set the clip back from the beginning, in some strange way it begins in the middle as I infolded it?? ) :) xoxo







Picture above of Azzedine Alaia with Elle McPherson photographed by Gilles Bensimon, 1986



soon release for men fragrances - louis vuitton

09 May 2018








Louis Vuitton released a collection of women’s perfumes in 2016. Soon to be released is a new collection with fragrances for men. 

According to WWD, Louis Vuitton’s master perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud has been working with the new collection for years.  And thru these years he has been inspired from how the fashion world for men has evolved, as for example men wearing more and more vibrant colorful accessories.

In the collection you may discover the oud "Ombre Nomade" with a scent origin from the Middle East taken from the wood of the agar tree witch is one of the most exclusive scents of today. With an origin from pure oud oil one can enjoy a spicy and leathery scent.  Another new rich scent is "Au Hasard" with an origin from Sri Lanka sandalwood, ambrette and cardamom.

In the collection there is also fruity fragrances for men: "L'immensité" with a rich grapefruit, amber and ginger scent, "Sur la Route" that has a base in Calbria citrus, cedar and grass and "Orage" with a citrus smell origin from bergamot, iris and patchouli.

I am personally most excited by the final scent in the new collection that is described as "inspired by the experience of eating chocolate". Cavallier-Belletrud conceived the idea for the perfume "Nouveau Monde", which has notes of cocoa, saffron, and oud assam, while relaxing in Guatemala eating Mayan chocolates. This one I hope will smell like a lovely mug of hot chocolate. :)

I have no doubt that the launch will be a great success and yet another step in Louis Vuitton, and LVMHs, journey in the "buisness of luxury". I also heard that there is a sustainable thinking, as one may be able to refill an empty bottle simply by visiting one of the various perfume “fountains” at the stores? Superb! The fragrances are to be released at Louis Vuitton stores and on its website May 31. I am superexited! Are you? xoxo





“Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”

08 May 2018









I love to get the chance to experience fashion exhibitions at museums <3 Any exhibition about fashion got my head spinning with inspiration in search of new knowledge and education. As a real nerdy fashion scientist I also tend to do my analyis of exhibitions out of theoris from Marie Riegels Melchiors book "Fashion and Museums-Theory and Practice". I tend to almost breathe in absolutely everything: The fashion subjects, the presentation, the informational material and ofc also stuff like lightning and staging. It is truly important for me to figure out what kind of message the curator who constructed the exhibition tries to send to me as being a voyeur and I do try to challenge my viewing in a deeper perspecive based upon academic concepts like history, ethnology, religion and art. I have discovered that the more I focus on details and do my very own analysis, the more interesting the exhibitions becomes for me.

In modern time museums has discovered that a way to keep relevant and attract visitors is very much based upon making traditional museums into democratic institutions of knowledge, education and pleasure. Although not only institutions as museums, as for example one part of my BA essay was based upon a bridal fashion exhibition at the Royal Castle in Stockholm. During my research I did an interview with our Royal Court representive Margareta Nisser-Dalman who is the head of "The Royal Collections Department". (A department that is responsible for the management, care and maintenance of the works of art and furnishings at Sweden's ten royal palaces). As she was responsible for the bridal exhibition we had deep discussions on what to think about in terms of making a fashion exhibition and the importance on sending a message that the viewer would understood, all in symbosis!

My thesis was based upon, for example, Erving Goffman theories about dramaturgical sociology. Shortly I may describe this approach as that the elements of human interactions are dependent upon time, place, and audience. I did my thesis upon this theory by Goffman by seeing the bridal fashion exhibition as a stage and the bridal dresses as actors performing on a stage. In that way I could do a theatrical metaphor in defining the method in which one human being presents itself to another based on cultural values, norms, and beliefs.  The goal of a exhibition is acceptance from the audience. If the exhibition is a succeess, the audience will view the exhibition as the curator/museum wanted it to be viewed.

I will of course the next time I am in New York visit Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute exhibition, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,” that opens on Thursday, May 10 and continues until October 8. If you wanna read more about the exhibition use link to Vogue here! I sense you do not wanna miss out on this exhibition if you are a true passionista, as in having a deep passion for fashion! xoxo







met gala 2018 - best dressed

08 May 2018





Rihanna wearing Maison Margiela by John Galliano and Zoe Kravitz wearing Anthony Vaccarello for Saint Laurent.


Emma Stone wearing Louis Vuitton, Antoine Arnault and Natalia Vodianova who is wearing Balmain.



Just wanna peep in quickly to give you a short summery of my personal top fashion choices at Met Gala 2018. Gorgeous looks! :)




Madonna wearing Jean Paul Gaultier and Stella Maxwell wearing Moschino.


Alicia Vikander wearing Louis Vuitton and Anna Wintour wearing Chanel.


Irina Shayk wearing Versace with Bradley Cooper wearing Tom Ford and Jasmine Sanders wearing H&M.


Jennifer Connelly wearing Louis Vuitton and Zendaya in Versace with Tiffany & Co jewellery.


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bernard arnault - lvmh

06 May 2018










As you already have figured out I do love interviews and discussion about fashion. This is about Bernard Arnault (head of LVMH) and his way into the luxury fashion industry. The interviews are really eyeopening on how a person, that is all about creativity, at the same time can build up a buisiness in this extraordinary way. 

I do love the discussions about what luxury really is and also the thought about the fashion industry in the future! What I do lack in the discussion is the perspecive of creating desire as the customer is about to do his/her fashion purchase choices! Ofc, the spot is on modernity, craftmanship, heritage and creativity. About recruiting innovatore in design from the best fashion universitys. Although there is much more people needed in the fashion industry and further more much more fashion studies than design and PR. The fashion analytics in as for instance how the luxury products need to be presented, not only in adverts and catwalks, yet even further in the creative and thrilling meeting between salesperson and customer that has to take place on a certain platform to create the all important desire. The future is very much about wanting to be seen as an individual and wanting to be acknowledged for this. These questions and analysis should get a larger focus as I want to make clear in just a few sentences here. The future of luxury stores for instance, is making geographic places where the customers feels welcomed, relaxed and acknowledged. With this said I can go on to my etnology academic studies as for example citylife in a distant future with the creation of luxury market places for the urban cities.  The demands and challenges for architechts within the luxury industry to forecast the change in cutomer behavior and how to meet up this changes. I do not presume to say that the days of internet shopping will be over, although the demand of the luxury customer is soo much more about beeing seen and acknowledged that the discussion I see really focus on today.

I do not have time for this now, trust me I will come back to this further in a more analytic academic way in the near future. Now off to catch the sun this lovely sunday! xoxo




dsquared2 - my kinda summer

06 May 2018








As spring is come it is about to change into the more laid back look for me. Summer for me is all about denim, heels, leopard, black and ofc start of wearing hats and caps. This is my chill fashion mood for today as I soon will be strolling down to Strandbryggan, the spot to be during these warm summerdays inside the capital of Stockholm. xoxo






Might be the short summer we have in Sweden that really drives me to wear skirts and shorts almost daily. Leg day in a different way, everyday! Feels legit! xoxo





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off to work @ louis vuitton

04 May 2018










This weekend you will find me at work! Before walking down to the Louis Vuitton store this morning, I want to introduce you to the bag "Twist". On the Louis Vuitton website states that: "Nicolas Ghesquière’s emblematic creation is reinvented each year in new colors and patterns. First introduced on the runway in 2015, the Twist bag was Nicolas Ghesquière’s modern interpretation of the Epi Trapeze clutch from the Maison’s archives. With its signature LV Twist Lock and versatile design, the Twist has quickly become a pillar of the new Louis Vuitton classics. For this season, new special finishes join the classic Epi models in fresh colors".

Why not stop by and let me present the collection for you? Soo much new adorable and desireable fashion in store presently! Here I show you some of the "Twist" bags and also a wonderful videoclip "The Spirit of Travel". Get inspired for a wonderful summer coming up and if you have any questions or wishes, do not hesitate to stop by the store or call me up and make a personal appointment! xoxo










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a fashionable friday - chanel

04 May 2018










Yesterday,  Chanel was the first of the top fashion houses of the world to show off its Resort Collection 2019. What an amazing start of a promising fashionable 2019.







The Chanel collection was all about the word "Resort". Leisurewear with a feeling of walking the French coastline of the Mediterrarean Sea, maybe hop on a yacht or take a beutiful fresh typical local dinner while the sun sets far far away.  A whole lot of French glamour, a whole lot of the luxury of leisure and the luxury that time really is in the hectic society of today, but also with some amazing flashbacks from the glam 80s. Brilliant, and I here present my personal best looks, even though I think a collection of this should be presented by smiling models :)







I can not wait to see the Resort collections, also to be shown in France,  that are soon due for Louis Vuitton (28th of May), Christian Dior (25th of May) and GUCCI (30th of May) <3 



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show must go on

04 May 2018









After two weeks of mourning and cherishing memories of importance, show must go on! Life continues and ofc so do I. What better way to illustrate my current feeling with this song. What an amazing artist and what an amazing transformation, do you not agree? I give you 2 clip by the same artist, which one do you prefer? xoxo








kanye west - about fashion, virgil abloh and lvmh

02 May 2018











Let´s put it straight: Kanye West, Virgil Abloh and Dvemna Gvasalia used to be creative together. How did this creative masters get to have such influence and power in the fashion industry of today? Well, Kanye tells it all! In this video he tells his story about subjects as why choose the fashion industry, why as creative designers, the new concept of luxury, what is the aim of fashion and his idol, head of LVMH, Bernard Arnault. My suggestion is to scroll forward and get it straigh out between 1.09.05 - 1.25.00! xoxo









bridal collections for spring 2019 - might not be my year

29 April 2018











These are my favourite looks from the bridal collections for spring 2019. This was actually the only collection that I could choose looks from. I was truly utterly disappointed with the rest of the collections. From my perspecitve the marriage is primarly about connecting your heart and soul to just one man, in eternity. The looks from the other collections I thought was either too much sexual appeal with see-thru materials, boobs and bootys being showed off too much or just very fashion forward as in modernity with a variety of colors and accessoires. In both cases without true respect for the traditional ceremony.  You might call me old-fashioned? Let´s agree on that then, as when it comes to love and marriage, I am very very traditional and oldfashioned! xoxo





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walking on

29 April 2018









After 10 days of chock and grief I am walking on in my life! I thought that I walked on over 2 years ago, although sadness and chock hit me like I never would have expected. My body got out of function both internal and external. Been crying most of the time, mostly in the beginning. Blessed I was in Miami then and not in Stockholm to get a distance to the familiar town and the familiar faces.

Now I am finally feeling like really and truly walking on when it comes to matters of the heart. With every end there is a new beginning! 

So, please forgive me for my absence :/ Turbulent times has really hit me and I have needed to be close to the people who matters the most in my life <3  Will continue fashion blogging from now! xixi




Picture of my wonderful Mulberry shoes has the function as a illustration to this post.



the fountain

26 April 2018










You will live thru time in eternity! You are a meaning and you are a very special soul forever! xoxo









to a beautiful soul

21 April 2018









This is for YOU and with a promise that you will never be forgotten by me! Even though 2 years has passed: This is for the memories of never letting hands go, making promises for the future, acknowleding a soulmate, waking up on the rooftop together, discussning the meaning of life and your favorite movie "The Fountain". This is for singing lovesongs together and watching the wonderful sun rise over the rooftop over and over again.

As you wrote "The worlds so small..." on the picture I took of you, I knew for sure you was sending a message to me about what we talked about so many times. I know what he/they did to us and I know it is hard when you "surround yourself with people who demand so little of you" and also with people who only do "what you ask them to", in order to fulfill their dreams of a lifestyle. What you wanted in life was at this time so very different and although I never told you: I was proud of your decisions a couple of months later.

My thoughts are with your family, your fellow musicians/DJs/producers, and the fans. I promise "You will live forever" xoxo












miami update - chillin like a villain

20 April 2018










Love my second home in Miami! I really needed this days off to relax and spend some quality time with my father. I do think it is true about a "special bound between father and daughter". We spend most of the time chillin poolside while talking about life. <3 Today we might do some shopping and tomorrow it is beach day all day. I will make sure I do not get burned this time,  as I always get! xoxo





miami beach - dresscode

20 April 2018










This is todays mood and a friendly reminder to all you out there who thinks the way a women dress can be a subject of sexual harassment! Is it now wonderful how images can speak louder then any words! Take care of yourself out there and remember be kind always! xoxo











last workday - louis vuitton

16 April 2018









What an inspirational image <3 Today was my last day working at Louis Vuitton before my vacation! Although do not despair, I will be back in the end of next week :)

This morning was all about my presentation at work. As being a topseller I was glad to share my ideas about sale strategies with all my darling colleagues. As always I was a bit nervous before the presentation. Being a bit nervous before I do think is a big plus, it really makes me step up to the performance. Maybe extra so, due to having a whole different approach to sale. I spoke for about 15 minutes and the feedback after was absolutely amazing. <3 

In the fashion industry there is soo much more then modernity, heritage, quality and innovation. It is, as I see it, foremost all about creating and satisfying desire. All my academic studies, fashion science and ethnology, has guided me enormously in social relations within the fashion industry. For todays presentation I was thinking about specific academic fashion courses as "Luxury and Desire of all time" and "The rise and change of the global fashion industry". Although even more so about the ethnology courses as "Perspective on everyday life and social organization",  "Perspective on man, culture and society" and "Clothing, groups and boundaries".

As I meet a new customer I always "blank" myself! I do my admost to see beyond first impression and try to let the relation between us and the conversation that takes place, guide me completely. You can not really see what kind of products a customer desires. I do also think it is more honest and even a more a truthful way to boost the customers experience. As a salesperson I am truly interested in what you as a customer want, need and desire, my own ideas based upon first impression can be the opposite of the truth in this area. Some people want to belong to a special group, some people want to differ from those groups. Some people are thinking more practical and some people are not thinking practical at all. Some people want to show off and some people just wanna fit in. Every customer is different, as well as every person has their very own desires, before coming into the store. Never forget that! The huge difference between insales and on-line is the meeting, the social experience within the store. To be relevant, in the global change of the fashion industry and the change of customer behaviour, one has to see the social interaction with the customer as a journey where the goal is to and meet up the customer expectations. Remember: All people want to be acknowledged!


My top advices are:

1. Never let first impression, and your very own perspectives, guide your sale

2. Have a truthful conversation where you are prepared for all relevant questions about the fashionhouse and its products.

3. See the customer as a person who want to be seen for what it shares about themselves while interacting with you.

4. Never try to sell a product that you are not absolutely sure that fulfilles that actual customers desires with that purchase. Customer satisfaction.

5. Always be correct and friendly.



I could write all evening about social relations within the fashion industry! Sadly I do not have any more time left for this tonight! Now, time to pack in order to get my luggage ready for my flight for Miami tomorrow.

Last, but not least; Here I present some of Louis Vuitton latest arrivals that I adore for summer that is just around the corner <3 xoxo




Louis Vuitton Zipped Tote PM and Louis Vuitton Capucines PM


Louis Vuitton Venice and Louis Vuitton Petite Malle



Louis Vuitton Twist MM



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dsquared2 - see you soon

16 April 2018










There has always been something iconic that I really can not put my finger on about Dsquared! As always, pure love as I looked in at their website and became mesmerized <3 Tomorrow morning is lift off for me, destination Miami! It is tradition, as we travel to Miami since my childhood twice a year, to buy something for me at Dsquared in Bal Harbour Shops. These are the fashion items that I would love to choose from up-coming week :) What do you think? So freakin awesome, are they not? xoxo







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sun - i salute you

13 April 2018










Summer I salute you ! That feeling when you wake up early and the sun is already up! That feeling of warmth as you walk down the morning streets towards work in Louis Vuitton! <3 

Just a couple of days left until lift off, Miami vacation here I come! I do long for beaches, bikinis and a fresh tan! Soon, very soon! Love my life! xoxo




Picture by amazing photographer Robert Nettarp (a friend of my mother) R.I.P. Please click on image for a closer look.


deja - today u will be dancing

13 April 2018









Today the first competition of the FEI World Cup Final in Dressage begins. I do hope our Swedish rider Patrik Kittel will make wonderful Deja dance her way up to the very top. What a wonderful horse and what a wonderful team they make!

Although many years ago since my very own horse passed away (bursted aorta), way to soon, I still have not got up in the saddle yet :( I am confident that one day very soon I will take up that sport that was the major part of my life for so many years, dressage! Maybe I will get back in the dressage saddle during fall while living in Dubai! I really miss having the faitful loyal soul of a horse beside me daily and I do also miss the weekends travelling together while competing in dressage! 

Until I will be back in the saddle, I will watch the Equestrian World Cup Finals and provide you all with some equestrian fashion I adore :) These are my choices from Hermes! Crave these suckers! xoox








All fashion from Please click on image of your choice for a closer look.




dreaming of a romantic summer

10 April 2018






Dolce & Gabbana and GUCCI 


Chloe and Etro 


Temperley London and Marchesa Notte




After a turbulent emotional last year I do hope I will be able to meet a romantic summer with an open mind <3 . Today is the first day of spring in Stockholm and the sun and warmth really provides that feeling of a promising future! My romantic dreams ofc involves some fashion :) This is looks I would love to wear this summer, while sitting with someone special looking out on the Mediterraneean Sea and see the sun set far far away! xoxo




Valentino, GUCCI, Sanayi 313 and Miu Miu 

Gianvito Rossi, Off-White C/O Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin and Francesco Russo


Maison Michel, Rag & Bone, Off-White and Eugenia Kim



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lvmh - growing and growing

10 April 2018









Sometimes you just need that right image to illustrate what you are about to say, in the right forum. As this is my very own lifestyle diary and I often feel like I am truly Alice in Wonderland, what better way then to use this amazing editorial from Vogue by Annie Leibovitz featuring gorgeous Natalia Vodianova?

So what will I illustrate with this fashion editorial? Just that LVMH is really growing faster and faster. And from a personal point of view, as being an employee at Louis Vuitton, it has been a remarkable start of this year <3 Read more about it thru links here to: LVMH and Buisiness of Fashion.

Alice is not too big for the world she lives in at all, she alters when alterations are needed :)  In the tale of Alice in Wonderland she grew with the circumstances and choices she did in her life. Alice was an remarkable and inspirational person and LVMH is an remarkable high quality products group :) xoxo





dolce & gabbana alta moda

09 April 2018









As always, a big fashionhappening when Dolce & Gabbana models enters the catwalks wearing the wonderful Alta Moda Collection, this time as the Spring/Summer 2019 Resort Collection. What an fashionexplosion and what a memorable fashionmoment :) I find myself observing one look for minutes, dissect it into the smallest detail. Amazing feeling, especially with my academic background. I always feel like the more knowledge I have aquired, fashion exploring boosts up created out of subjects as fashion history, creating of image, materials, craftsmanship, modernity, interpretation of our time, religion, nationality, heritage and art! Love it! xoxo






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louis vuitton - time capsule - madrid

08 April 2018






Louis Vuitton has announced the opening of its 'Time Capsule' exhibition at Museum Thyssen-Bornemisza from April the 17th to May the 15th. 

So, if you are in Madrid do not miss out on this exhibitions as Louis Vuitton tells that: "Visitors will enjoy unprecedented access to some of the most valuable pieces from Louis Vuitton’s archives. Guided tours of the exhibition will be provided".

As I understand some truly iconic pieces are to be seen at the exhibition. For example these desirable masterpieces below! Custom made luxury based upon the factors that I, as an academic fashionscientist, value foremost: Tradition, heritage, craftsmanshift and modernity.  xoxo




Louis Vuitton Trunk for Jean Du Taillis, Africa 2013.  Jean Du Tallais was once of the most famous rally drivers and requested this car trunk to transport his belongings on his route through Algeria and Tunisia after his great adventure from Beijing to Paris.



Louis Vuitton Tea-Case made for the Maharaja Sayajiro Gaekwad III in 1926, read more about it thru link here.






saturday - yaay

07 April 2018









Nobody or nothing will kill my vibe ! Workday over and now it is about time to express my awesomeness! Although very strange with some chicks you hang around with for years and finally you truly find out they are not your friends at all. Quite the opposite I presume? Well, as I already said: Nobody or nothing will kill my vibe! I come from a good place, maybe someones should take my advice and my approach to life: Remember to be good, always! ;) See you all out there in the jungle! xoxo








saint laurent spring 2018 ad campaign

07 April 2018









This new ad campaign by Saint Laurent really hit me right in the stomach! So freakin awesome! Pure Love! xoxo





Photographer | Inez & Vinoodh
Models | Adut Akech, Anja Rubik, Cara Taylor, Hiandra Martinez, Maria Miguel, & Raquel Zimmermann
Stylist | Alastair McKimm
Hair | Shay Ashual
Makeup | Kanako Takase
Casting Directors | Piergiorgio Del Moro & Samuel Ellis Scheinman




friday - think again

07 April 2018








As I got home friday I was a tiny little bit cross with myself. The last time we got a check up (december) at work about as who was the best indoor seller (not on phone), I won both in number of fashionitems and total sale :) This time I was in the top, but not ON top! I always set my own goals very very high, might even be too high! I have a drive that always want me to perform at the absolute top, if I don´t perform I do get really really upset! Bad thinking isn´t it? Or?

Then my family looked at the statistics. Both my father and mother gratulated me being a superseller and performing so well and I did not really know why the excitement? I must have been blind :) I have only worked 75% since January and not as a full time employee, as the ones I was comparing myself with! I finally understood that I actually was on the very top once again  :) :) :) :) . Even though I do feel that the most important with salespersons is the meeting that creates customer satisfaction in providing excellent service, it is always nice to have my very own sale satisfaction too!  Now I do think: What better way to celebrate this, than with my friends tonight? xoxo








heels - next fashion purchase

06 April 2018






GUCCI, Christian Louboutin and Saint Laurent




I really need new black heels for summer! Soo, I decided that this is my primarly fashion items to look for as shopping takes place very soon in my fashionheaven, Bal Harbour Shops <3 I do try to cut down myself on shopping fashion that is not of a longterm use, although heels are getting worn out constantly. Probably due to dancing too much thru the summernights :) These are some of my choices. What do you think?






Christian Louboutin, Gianvito Rossi and Manolo Blahnik




Or do you think I should go for comfy, rather than sexy? I love slick heels, although maybe it is healthier to "save the feet" in these gorgeous babes? Decisions, decisions! xoxo





Givenchy, Christian Louboutin and Alaia


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more words needed - philip warkander

06 April 2018









This post has to be in Swedish, I have no time to changed all the text relevent to this post into English, although I would have wanted too. It quite baffles me that the webpage itself do not have a English translation? Anyhow, if you are extra curious about the Swedish Fashion Dr Philip Warkander, translate yourself the texts followed by links below! I do promise you, it is sooo worth it! 


Då går jag över till svenska i detta inlägg, som en liten variation kan man tänka. Man kan också tänka: Herregud, vad slappt och arrogant mot sina trogna läsare från hela världen? Perspektiven kan såklart variera utifrån person! 

Jag äääälskar Philip Warkander och jag saknar honom sååå i Stockholms akademiska värld. Herregud, byt ut hela SU:s ModeCenter och låt Philip bygga upp ett nytt som är mer aktuellt och mer tillåtande! Philip var min mentor och såsom mentor även min inspiration till att gräva vidare i min forskning och med det väldigt djupt  i den globala modeinustrin. Jag har ju studerat vitt skilda modeområden inom precis allt (ändå aldrig fullärd): Bl.a. PR, marknadsföring, branding, konsumentbeteende, lyx, textilkunskap, image, psykologi, historia, etnologi och ofta i samband med de analytiska begreppen klass, kön, nationalitet etc.


Eftersom Philip oftar utgår genom sin plattform, så klistrar jag här in några underbara inlägg skrivna av min modeguru. Läs, och reflektera gärna, kring exempelvis:

"Lyx är inte att dela allt på Instagram". Där Philip börjar med att utgå en bok skriven av författare som jag läst mycket från nämligen, Peter McNeil och Giorgio Riello. 

"Är 2018 året då modesystemet kollapsar?" Där Philip funderar kring bland annat återupprepningar inom modets uttryck och även om modet verkligen mode såsom ideal bör skrotas, för en lugnare tillvaro.

"Trender har spelat ut sin roll." Som får bli mitt sista exempel på Philips underbara små inlägg. I detta inlägg skriver Philip bl.a. om trender i en sorts kontrast till hållbarhet och kvalitet. Älskar också att han avslutar sina funderingar med orden: "Att man samtidigt stödjer svensk modekultur är heller inte illa."


Följ gärna Philip Warkander och andra modemänniskor delade tankar kring mode och som erbjuder såå mycket intressant och relevant läsning på! xoxo



Picture in this post from


current feeling - alice in wonderland ?

05 April 2018





Went from this -

- To this!


Feelings of the day! xoxo



na-kd - or almost naked

05 April 2018












Of course one rather go naked all day long and of course that is not something one does! Well, nudists do it on the other hand in public, although they seems to be really f***ed up people with an agenda, besides comfort, in being naked. Attention and free sex perhaps? Is less really more? Or is less clothes less class? 

Old-fashioned as I am I always have covered myself in modest bathingsuits, tankinis and bikinis. Even though I would love to feel free enough to wear fashion like this from NA-KD! Might click home some of these swimwear? Not sure though I would dare to wear them on the beaches of Miami, were I will be in less then a fortnight. What do you think? xoxo




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never judge a book by its cover

04 April 2018









...I really do love that expression! One may look as happy, sexy, outgoing and careless on the outside, although on the inside sadness, fright and chaos. You can never really know about people, can you?

I learned yesterday about another saying "People live three parallell lives: Public, Private and Secret". Is that true? I do know I have a "public life", not as being a celeb or influencer at all,  just as the result of me using different kinds of social media and keeping a public fashiondiary. This is a front that I choose to show as one side of my personality. Honestly, its actually a very tiny part of me :) "Privat life" on the other hand has soo much more to do about personality with choices in life, ups and downs, ones own choices and things that just happens to you and hit you down.  Not many people, besides family, are close enough to me in order to have access to this life, my true existence. Then we arrive at no3, "secret life". Well my life is actually without any secrets for the one closest to me. The ones I in fact to trust have full access both to all my inner dreams, thoughts, actions and feelings, as well as the hardships in life! How would I else feel so utterly blessed, even through hard times? You know who you are, I cherish you enormously! <3 xoxo




the power within

02 April 2018








Daily getting stronger! Strong is the new beauty and I am really talking about stronger on the inside as well as the outside. :) I feel as this extended eastern holiday, off work and other obligations, has boosted me enormously. Soo much time to think about life and not just be like the little hamster running in her cage without a sense of a freely choosen directions in life :) 

This weekend has been mostly all about chillin at home. Putting focus on issues that has to be delt with and decisions that has to be made. Love that solitude mood that is the beginning of something new. That feeling when body and soul works in harmony and balance.

Now off for a refreshing powerwalk around the Royal Djurgarden with Lammis and my little Krispy. Great start of the day! Even though its still wintercold outside, I do dream about the beaches of Miami and counting the days until I arrive. Btw, I know very well that I do not get easily tanned, but one can always dream away in strong inspirational pictures :) xoxo




style icon - crownprincess victoria

01 April 2018










As you probably already know, or?  I wrote my thesis in fashionscience to complete my examination feb 2017 at Stockholm University about CrownPrincess Victoria and fashion, image, marketing and branding. As I worked close to the Royal Court during this research, I do know CrownPrincess Victoria herself has read my thesis (fall 2016-feb2017). In this thesis I have made many suggestions in ways that the CrownPrincess could change her choices of fashion and how these changes would benifit her both as a styleicon in image and branding, and also for marketing her country Sweden and the enviromental causes so dear to her heart.  Read thesis thru link to Stockholm University Libraby here


Recently she attended "A Conversation About Water" hosted by WaterAid in Stockhom, dressed up in a beautiful dress from H&M, see picture above.  A sustainable choice if dress of course, as the Crown Princess has become a true styleicon in its every aspect. I must admit that very often it baffles me how strange, for instance stylists, fashionmedia and influencers, use the word: Style. The really should look up what "Style" really stands for. My advice for the swedish fashion media is to educate themselves in this area. At least begin to understand by reading about what Professor Jacob Östberg (Stockholm Business School) has written about the topic "Style". As for instance: 

"Style is a concept used to describe the ways in which certain consumers, or groups of consumers, assemble, modify, combine, and act toward consumer objects and activities. The concept is notoriously hard to pin down since it is simultaneously used at different levels of abstraction and to denote a wide variety of consumption activities, both within academia and in everyday use. The most clearly defined use of the concept is within literature dealing with subcultures, but it is also applied within studies of fashion as well as consumer culture studies more broadly. Most of the time when style is discussed, it is designated to those instances when an active stance is taken with regard to consumption; style is intentional communication, according to Dick Hebdige. Still, even the activities that are not driven by such intentionality would typically lead to something considered a style. Moreover, to be identified as style, consumption activities typically need to be perceived as deviating from a more or less coherent idea of the mainstream. Thus, Hebdige notes, it is a signifying practice where the novel assemblage of elements into style is a way of disrupting existing semiotic sign systems. This having been said, most would agree that also the mainstream has a way in which they assemble, modify, combine, and act toward consumer objects and activities that would have to be described as a style. In essence, it appears that one cannot not have a style. Whether a particular style is good or bad, interesting or boring, in fashion or out of fashion, or in essence stylish is, however, an entirely different question.The word style has been in use in the English language for several hundred years and has typically been associated with a distinct manner of expression in writing or speech. This manner can either be formalized (as when an author is given a style guide to use correct formatting or tone of voice in contributing a text to a book, journal, or magazine) or it can be a personal manner of expression (as in the Hemingway style of writing, i.e., the basic grammar and the unvarnished descriptions). This distinction between formalized and personalized expressions of style is also prevalent in other key uses of the term—for example, when it points to a distinctive manner or custom of behaving or conducting oneself, or a particular manner or technique by which something is done, created, or performed. These latter uses are more akin to the use of the word in consumer culture instances. Style expressions can also be viewed on a scale ranging from the idiosyncratic to the collective. On the latter end of the spectrum, we can imagine expressions such as the Mediterranean style of cooking, suggesting certain commonalities among a large collective. On a mesolevel, we can imagine the stylistic expressions of various subcultural groups, for example, punk style. On the microlevel, there are strictly personal expressions as when someone is suggested to have exquisite style rather than being a slave to fashion".


The Crown Princess of Sweden is a styleicon based upon her choice to dress different. She makes, as a consumer, a personal choice in fashion that differs from other Royals contempory and historically. She takes a stand to dress not only in a sustainable way by wearing not only new fashion, but also in her choice of wearing vintage (pre-owned by another person). This stylechoice is a way for her to use fashionexpression as a voice. One could even go so far as thinking about her stylechoice as being a bit of rebellish and a royal subculture. A CrownPrincess, destinated to be the Queen of Sweden, choosing low price market fashion, not exclusive for her and not exclusive luxury. Just a choice of using a beautiful dress from an H&M Sustainable Collection with a pricerange that her people can afford as well. I myself has made to choices of what fashionitems to buy from that collection, that has its release April 19th :) Read more about the collection at H&M website, and see my personal choices below! xoxo