Naomi Campbell - a true beauty

22 May 2016





Happy Birthday to amazing beauty Naomi Campbell one of the top models of all time! The story about her struggles from the beginning while turned down by every agency really got to me. She got her first contract after Azzedine Alaia used his contacts. Incredible, such beauty and the agencys did not see it! Sometimes it feels like the agencys do not know true beauty ? Myself, earlier in life turned down by the major agency in Sweden (did not wanna belong to peopledivision), while i am hunted from the agencys abroad (for exemple by email yesterday from one in London) In my hometown today they seem to prefer enormous height and strange faces with faults that stand out and make the face different! You know what they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, maybe so or by the private contacts you have :) Anyway, Happy B to amazing fabolous super gorgeous Naomi !!!





All pictures from instagram #naomicampbell