tbt - family love

30 March 2017





Trow-Back-Thursday to the biggest, in every sense, love of my life! I still miss you daily, as you were my everyday companion and gave me ajn unconditional love! When I got you for a birthday gift turning 12 y/o you completetely changed my life. From that momemt my number on responsibily was you and your wellfare. As pure love should always be! When you passed away, so suddenly and unexpected in ruptured aortic, way to young and before your time should be due, it broke my hart!! Sometimes when I close my eyes I can still see us canter together around Djurgarden, I still se you running after me in the paddock wild and free following my every move with your tale up high and your wide open nostrils as you truly had your father, an Shagaya arab stallions, features. I still remember in my dreams your smell, your every body line and your tender kiss on my lips. Even if I am thinking of getting a new horse now, you will never ever be replaceable! Love you! xoxo