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02 August 2017










Do belive me when I say I do not want you all to miss me! I have during these last three years felt blessed that all you folks, all over the world from China to Brasil, have been loyal in following my life. It has baffled me that I have had so many thousands of readers every week. This has been my true diary, where I have tried my admost to keep you updated in my life, the world of fashion and the pure grinding that comes along with combining advanced studies with work and leisure.  I have kept this diary free from advertises to keep it as my very own diary straight from my own heart! One of my main goal with this diary has been to be truthful. Truthful in everything as for example there is not one lie or exaggeration in this diary. Truthful that there is not one picture altered with or changed in anyway, except for some funny snapchat filters that is :). I have had the ambition to use an academic approach to fashion and I do not want to let you down by not putting in enough time to make that continue at the same level.

You might think that I have not written about the most private, with this I mean "matters of the heart"? That is mainly because I am actually a very private person with great respect for my heart and others. For now I have much too much going on in my life that takes focus from this diary! My life is truly like this little Alice lives in Wonderland and I feel utterly blessed. Therefor I say bye-bye for now! I hope I will be back very soon, but I "WillNotBeRightBack"! Love you all! Remember to be true to yourself and be kind, always! xoxo







29 August 2017 16:15
Varför inte bara blogga när du har tid ist för att lägga av helt? :P

26 August 2017 18:35
Kooom tillbaka nuu! Modetorka utan dej! Kraaam

16 August 2017 20:52
Hoppas du ändrar dig å kommer tillbaka snart...Bästa modebloggen...

15 August 2017 12:40
I might be quite well known in the world of fashion and do anticipate you will be as well in a nearby future. It has been a great joy to follow such a younger person with such a knowledge and feeling for fashion. I look forward for you returning asap!!! /Ed

04 August 2017 19:55
Neeeej!! Så tråkigt! Kommer sakna din blogg så mycket! :( kan du inte fortsätta uppdatera bloggen men lite mer sällan istället?