alice in wonderland - what´s up?

02 September 2017







I just checked in, mainly to express my deepest gratitude for the lovely messages, both directly as comments on this blog and those sent directly to my mail!! <3 So, what´s been cooking?

My summer has been absolutely amazing and I do feel that my life is in a very good place at the moment!  Although I have worked almost the entire summer there has been some time spent abroad and also at my family countryhouse! Utterly blessed <3 What has becoming clearer daily is how much my studies has formed my sense for, and approach to, fashion. It is amazing that a university exame with a major in fashion science actually is a deep education in everything from fashion economy, insight in the changing world of the global fashion industry, fashion marketing and pr, knowledge of fashionhistory, fabrics and craftmansship and how all this has been essential for my ability to react, analyze and predict fashion as art and art as fashion! Another thing that really has hit me is how the ethnological studies at the university actually helps me in my daily customer relations mainly in the way that I truly can relate and understand people as culture beings and their desires for creation of their identities thru fashion, especially luxury fashion. My post-academic fashion journey as a career has just begun and I feel that there is soo many areas to explore and I just took my first step at the wonderful fashion house of Louis Vuitton :)

That is all for now and this little update! I will be back with my writing here in the future, but I "WBRB"!! Of course I do want to keep you, and myself, updated with my analysis of the wonderful world of fashion from my perspecive based upon foremost my passion for fashion, but also based upon my academic studies and experience. Love you all! Remember, be kind, always!!! xoxo