a royal fashion icon - crown princess victoria

05 September 2017









I am soo truly impressed with Crown Princess Victorias very own amazing style :) I am also sooo very proud if I took a small part in the development of her royal style that now renders headlines in so many different foreign and domestic media as for example: Crown Princess Victoria is a Royal fashion icon, Crown Princess Victorias dress explains exactly why she´s the ultimate Royal Style Icon and Crown Princess Victoria Borrowed Queen Silvia's Dress From the '70s, and It's Damn Stylish. (This is just a small selection of recent headlines this month)

As I started writing on my essay during fall 2016 it was exactly this I dreamed of to accomplish and be a small part of. I was in a mission with a thought that an academic research of the Crown Princess way of dressing would improve it and put the Crown Princess in the spotlight as a royal fashion icon. I know for a fact that the Crown Princess herself would read my research and essay in full. My hidden agenda was for the Crown Princess to develop her very own style in order to look her absolutely most wonderful, but also in order that she thru her fashion choices would be able to get more media and public attention to her Royal duties and Sweden, but also in order to be that Royal front figure for the enviromental issues so very close to her heart and of admost importance for our planet and its future. It is amazing how much fashion science as a subject actually is about PR, Marketing and Branding in many if its courses, even though it is not labeled that way and therefor quite unknown for people outside the academic circles.

You can find the essay here! The final version of the essay has been cut down for many different reasons. For example the drafts contained writings about my suggestions to that the Crown Princess should start wearing vintage that was discussed during my interviews at the Royal Castle. The reason for this cut down was that vintage was not in the interest of her stylist, who actually questioned my suggestion that a Crown Princess should wear clothes that others has used before! Now, I am absolutely thrilled as our Crown Princess show a great sense of her very own style! The change is enormous this during this last year, and that is the true reason she is becoming a style icon now. As I suggested in my essay: She is using more patterns and colors. Her style also consist of more sustainable clothes then ever and she has been starting to use vintage on a regular basis. Mostly I am proud that she dared to do this bold fashion choices that makes her stand out, which I know for certain was not a strategy as I started working on the essay. As always it seems that when our Crown Princess puts her heart into something, she is brilliant! Crown Princess Victoria is on not just our Royal fashion icon, she is also a great rolemodel! So very proud of her, and myself maybe too a little bit for my contribution in the dark. xoxo







Pictures from www.expressen.se.