milan - update II - ss2018

23 September 2017










This is my favourite collections so far in this update from Milan. There is something with italian fashion that I probably have got from early childhood. I was bullied all through my childhood. There was always a reason to bully me. I figured out in my teens that the problem was inside the ones who needed to put down others in order to be noticed themselves. When I was a little child I was bullied as I remember with words as: You are fat! or: Alice is wearing soo strange clothes! (I used a lot of Young Versace and Roberto Cavalli etc. age 4-12 with vibrant colors, animalprints or all black and a lot of leather and fake fur). When I turned into my teens the bullying shifted focus. I have always been kind and cute, maybe also the one boys fell for and in the teens the method from the other girls shifted from straight attacs into exclude me in everything. I do think I was the one in everybodys spotlight, althought treated like I was invisible during my early teens. Soo, therefor perhaps I still today choose to have soo many great friends of the opposite sex in all ages :) No drama, no jealousy, kindness and not so much bullshit! Soo, back to fashion now! I do love fashion, I do love to dress for myself and if mainstream and going with the flow is fashion, my personal style will always be out of fashion! xoxo





Bottega Veneta




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