louis vuitton ss2018 - mesmerized

03 October 2017







As I finished work today at Louis Vuitton, we stayed at the office to enjoy the show together with a glass of champagne :) You might think I have an extra friendly eye towards the collection by Nicolas Ghesquière due to working at Louis Vuitton myself? No way Jose, this site is my very very own true fashionstory :) Maybe it is some magic flowing in the air that are not describle for humans that make me think that this collection is the best of all RTW SS2018 soo far, or it might just be a fact? I do adore it and I do desire so many looks for myself, maybe the whole collection if greedy was my in my nature :) I do love the comeback of the ooh sooo historical garment thru fashion history, the doublet! You must know by now that I am a sucker for - as being a fashion scientist -  fashion history, heritage, craftmansship and innovation - all combined that are factors that creates desire. If I would choose 3 garments on a wishlist for my birthday up-coming spring it would be: 1. The leatherjacket 2. The grey/blue doublet and finally 3. That wonderful metallic silver flurry dress with a bare back.

This collection is truly mesmerizing! <3







All pictures from www.vogue.com.