influencer - what for?

04 October 2017






Today is my day off! This morning I was laying on my sofa thinking about life and the subject of today is PR, Marketing, Media and above all -Influencers. I still have not figure out if the major part of influencers is actually a way of attracting customers for companies? Is there really research that prove that Instagramfollowers equals increased sale, especially in the luxury fashion industry? I do fully understand rolemodels being influencers. as Alicia Vikander for Louis Vuitton or Cara Delevingne for Mulberry, proven to be a smart move and a great investment. Beautiful women with a career and a persona that attracts customers and media and gets the brands, these people represent, desirable for the public. :) What I do not understand is the economic strategy of having influencers based soly only upon number of followers at Instagram? I see so many young girls/women buying followers/likes on Instagram for a couple of bucks (or add people and un-add them after a while) and by these ways gaining thousands of followers/likes. They are boosting up an image often in with a pretend of a luxury lifestyle and sometimes in combination of lying about things as their personal background, income, lifestyle, education and more? Very often also in the combo with a change in appearance into all fake with fillers and plastic surgery with sexy poses and less clothes more skin! Can companies really be so easily fooled to hire these people as influencers or give them the title social media manager, a title that seems to become one of the most common work titles in the entire fashion industry? 

Well this was just my morning thoughts of today! For myself, I always love the idea of a fashionbrand and its muses! A muse that is not only beautiful, but an interesting person with an interesting life that creates a desire of the fashion she represents in a more personal and creative way. A muse whose existance in the commercial campaigns, on the catwalks and on social media reflects the brand from various perspectives such as history, heritage, nationality, innovation, craftsmanship and modernity. All humans are culture beings, but I might be too old fashioned as I stand for the view of a fashion ideal in the marketing buisiness based upon personality in a combination of beauty!? When will this influencer bubble burst? xoxo