train to gain

11 October 2017








Currently struggling with time! Pure grinding in other words and life do feel like preparing for a fight! :) Learn as much as you can, train and train all the time, stay focused  - all in order to achive success towards your goals in life. Therefor this site is not as deep in its fashion analysis as it should be and I do apologize for this. I could quit this site for good, but I do hope I will find time to return with posts better than ever in a near future. :)

Still working at Louis Vuitton and loving it <3 As I already told you I will be at the Louis Vuitton HQ in Brussels for a week in the beginning of Nov. Later in Nov it is time for an extended vacation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with Angelica with a visit at Formula 1. After that all Dec is about work and Christmas preparations :)

Everything good in life comes to them who stay on the path of being the best person they can be, nothing new in this! That is why my main rules of success in life is knowledge, creativity and staying humble. Kindness is underrated and therefor I always surround myself with people who has their hearts in the right places. I do love my life so far, so I will continue on this path towards success careerwise as well as keeping my personal life completely drama free and always with gratitude and love in my heart! xoxo