shy - yet, let me tell your whats on my mind

17 October 2017








These things are on my mind currently! 


First, matters of the heart! I know I am not easy and I definitely know I am not a basic bitch. I do take love very seriously and see no point of dating anyone I can not imagine myself with endlessly <3 I have many guys as friends, with no benefits I might add whatsover, maybe because with guys it is more fun less drama and competition? Anyway, I have not had a boyfriend for years even though I have had deep feelings for someone! Life is a journey and my heart will find is match when destiny finds its way, I do trust in that! xoxo

Second, life currently! Working a lot and working out a lot :) Buisiness as usual with the little time off best spent with family and close friends. Pure love for everyone in my closest circle! Even though I might not say it as much as I should: You mean the world to me! <3

Third, future plans! For know I am already planning Christmas :) I want the entire package and sometimes I think I go back to being a child come Nov each year! This Christmas it seems to be celebrations at our place. A whole lot of family members, Korinths and Al Fakirs as usual, with great food, many laughters, lots of children and games ofc! On this subject I might add that you must see this documentary series from Finland "They call us immigrants" made by Peter (who also works at TV4). It has got such awesome reviews and I do think it is time for Swedish TV to produce such a series with him. Immigraton is such a big topic on todays political agenda and if anyone got the legitimity and abilitly to move people in this area, its Peter! <3 Follow link here!

Thats all folks!!! And remember, be good always! xoxo





Old picture of me in my teens while working for Martina Bonnier (Damernas värld) Dress Lars Wallin Couture and hat from Malinda Damgaard.