being the right alice?

07 November 2017







Sometimes I so wonder if I am actually the right Alice? Am I the Alice I really want to be? Well, I do think so! :) I have surely not lost my muchness or was more muchier before! Maybe this year is just a year inbetween, and inbetween can be a really good thing too. All depending on what is on each one of the other sides. Well my inbetween is: On one side the earlier days that was completed with an academic degree and an exame that was finished this year and on the other side of time - the post-academic journey that just has begun. I was supposed to be in LA-LA-Land by now, although those plans had to be postponed for a while due to that I got an awesome job at LV and also that my mother (who had a major stroke 2016) still needs my help on a daily basis. So, what am I trying to get to with this? Well, inbetween can be lovely too and when I think of it, I would not change this time in life for anything else <3






I feel that I have always been the right Alice, but maybe the wrong Alice in haters eyes :) I am surely strong and I am surely making my own way in life based upon being curious, kind and always trying to better myself and the world around me. If the roses are not red as I wanted them to be, it is just up to me to make them red. My parents gudiance in life has always been that I can be whatever I want to be. It´s really just up to me! I do already know what I value in my personality, and in others too: Being kind, being creative, having a strong drive and always be independent in choices and strive to be a better person, daily. One thing I have thought about a lot lately is that maybe it is because I am an only child, as I do love being on my own and doing things for myself. I love being surrounded by people that I love, I also love meeting new people - At the samt time I also do love being all by myself and having that space for solitude in a positive way. <3






Last week someone told me: Alice you are soooo wild and a real party princess always on the move with laughter in your face and body! Well, that is ofc true! I party a lot and dancing on the tables are not something unfamiliar either :) Actually, I would surely love to cut down on that part of my life for something deeper. Let me tell you like it is: I rather take someones special hand and walk thru life together! This is my feelings in this moment of life! I trust in that someday I will meet that person <3 






Life is a merry dance :) And there is nothing wrong in daring to be different, on the contrary!!! Life has never haunted me and I do think life is like a book, soo many chapters to enjoy! For me: Chapter 1 (childhood) and Chapter 2 (becoming an adult) is already finished with the admost joy :) Sooo, many Chapters left that I want to make the best of! So, watch out: Sooo much more is coming! Love xoxo