a horse in the city

21 November 2017






I really miss having my own horse in the city of Stockholm. <3 When I got my first pony as a birthdaygift as I turned 12 years old, I kept her at Ryttarstadion which is situated a 10 minutes walk from my home near Stureplan. I could ride out for myself in the forests and meadows of wonderful Royal Djurgarden, even though I had to cross streets with traffic sometimes which was always a bit nerve wrecking. At one time my darling Gila got crazy on a bridge at Djurgarden with buses in front of us and behind us with horns on. I will never forget that day!!! I thought Gila was gonna fall over the brickwalls on the sides while she was rising with me on her back. She had a lot of temper my beloved Gila, maybe because she was of high breed, Shagya/Welsh? 

I think of her especially today because International Sweden Horse Show is coming up and I am sad to miss out on that event as being in Dubai then. One reason why I wanted to attend this year was to see the girl that took care of my pony for me (when Gila died so abrouptly be a bursted aorta). Amanda is actually competing in the FEI Pony dressage and earned that exclusive place (4 equipage) by qualifying. That cute girl, Amanda, was the last one riding my darling Gila. Amandas mother actually wrote us the week before Gila passed away and told us that Gila was too difficult for Amanda to ride, so they could not take care of her for us anymore. They would instead buy a well educated and easy horse for Amanda to ride. I do understand the choice that family made then, Gila was not an easy pony to ride. Gila was wild and had a temper of her own, with everyone except for myself. We were a match made in heaven and riding a horse like her daily for years made me a very good dressage rider, or as our A-trainer at Hogsta said once: I was the best dressage young rider she ever seen, although on the wrong horse for dressage, haha! Anyway, I would not trade Gila for a FEI champion horse for the world then!!! Gila was my first love and she has a very special place in my heart forever! We were the best of friends and companions and we will meet one day again in some other place.<3

I am now constantly thinking of buying me a new horse, but I am currently working too much :( Although,  I do think in a year or two I will have found my place in life and then: Well hello there my new best friend!!! xoxo