bye bye dubai - see u soon again

01 December 2017











Just got home from an amazing vacation in wonderful Dubai and Abu Dhabi <3 It is soo special to finally live with the most wonderful angel in the world, my little gem Angelica. Sometimes it is hard to have someone you cherish so much living on the other side of the planet, but then again I book flights as often as I can to fly down and be with her in her Dubai. This time (the 4th this year) we spent half the week in Abu Dhabi as it was the spot for the Grande Finale of Formula 1. We drove up from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in Angies car and drove home early morning coming down. Expect for one night when we crashed in a guestroom at a suit in Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi belonging to one of the Formula drivers. Like I heard once and never will forget: This world sooo small! People you already met abroad years ago you unexpectable meet again and again in these kind of events around the globe. Soo many old, and ofc new friends, made this week magic <3 Maybe it is true that "Birds of a feather flock together"? 

So, vacation over for this time! Now, time for pure grinding at work! Actually I do love to get into business at Louis Vuitton and my smashing colleagues again <3. Thinking a bit about plans for New Years. Thoughts about Miami, but seems impossible due to work on New Years Eve? Might be London instead then? What I do now that I surely will book tickets a.s.a.p. to visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi in Jan/Feb again. This time for desertsafari, horseback riding in the desert, some skiing and ofc much much more!!! Dubai, my special place on earth with a very special Angel living there! <3