tonight we go balling

02 December 2017







Just kidding! :) Although thinking hard about tonights dresscode and this tee might be just right? Got a text a couple of days ago about a Saturday night out with some players! NOT "players" in the negative way, instead footballplayers from Premier League. Yepp, was my answere and as I gather my bffs it seems one of them was hanging out with them in N.Y a couple of months ago. This world so small, and a reunion you might call it then! I must add the fun part in this post. I know nothing about football! Nothing at all! I do not know the game, the players or the teams! But Mum, she is craaazy about football. Guys I´ve known through the years get chocked about her knowledge. Weekends for her has always been about following her favourite players :) You read it right, players, not teams! She follow her favorite players whatever team they belong to. Her all time idol is Kevin Phillips (before Zlatan, Totti, Lizarazu and Nesta). When I told her about Saturdays plans she was gagging about how much Kevin Phillips has meant for tonights team. How he played there recently and that he actually was learing the team a sense for goaling :) Love my Mum, not an average Mum at all <3 

So, to put a cred for my Mum I post her favorite clip of her idol Kevin Phillips. One of the few who actually has won the title "Ballon dOr" which title nowadays always goes to Ronaldo it seems??? Well myself I wait for Zlatan to get that trophy!!! And Zlatan has got plenty of time, you know about Lions, haha! Even Kevin Phillips has been questioned many times for being tooo old to play at top level. This clip shows Kevins thoughts about that! Love it! xoxo








Picture of me partying in my tee from Zlatan Ibrahimovic brand A-Z Sports (Omg, what short hair I had a couple of years back)