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05 December 2017





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On my way home from work this evening I went into my gym (S.A.T.S) and cancelled my membership :) I was tired of just working out in a gym where everybody seems to consider it a place for hitting on me, instead of actually working out! Just kidding, or? I want to vary my workout in a more extended way so I decided to become a member of Sturebadet instead! Sturebadet has so much more to offer for me I presume as they also has a pool, yoga- and fight classes. So, from 1st of January I will start with some new activites :) For those who have known me since my early teens its a fact that I have a huge problem with my inherited fast metabolism, when I was younger I was even bullyed for being tooo thin. My father 180cm weights 55 kg, when he lifts a lot he can go up to 58kg. My aunt, who is turning 60 soon and has given birth to 4 children, weighs 49 and is about 165cm tall with a body fit like a teenager. They literally eat everything and more than average people! In fact soo much that they have to take medicin for high colesterol as they have gotten older. That shows that what you eat, for some people, do not reflect on the way your body look. but the way you body function. Myself, for my 172 cm, I have trained my way up from 43kg to my current weight 2 months ago, an alltime high at 48kg :). I eat about everything and very much :P, Although I try to eat as clean as possible and cut down on red meat and the bad "white". I do love chocolate, cheese and icecream soo much they are my daily choices :)

As I got home from work I watched the Victorias Secret Fashionshow 2017 from Shanghai. Amazing and smashing in everyway! I do think this years show was the best I have seen,  ever :) Therefor I went to the VS homepage and clicked on some products for myself! (I know I am crazy about VS, got some stuff while in Dubai last week too). 

Maybe I love VS products as I got a VS body myself without struggling for it at all? Love my little booty, so here are some blurry, not altered pictures in any way, of myself <3 Ha-ha, haters gonna hate! Love xoxo





As for you who do not know so much about this site! I have never used photoshop or any other ways to alter any pictures of myself.  This site is uncommonly a blog showing the naked truth! xoxo