fashion at the nobel banquet

11 December 2017






CrownPrincess Victoria




I confess that I was wrong in my ideas of to what extent our CrownPrincess Victoria would dare to make her dresschoices for Nobel! Not vintage at all, but at least a dresschoice from a quite unknown Swedish designer, Jennifer Blom. The dress was actually lovely and I fell for the airness of the garment and especially the neckline :) So as always our CrownPrincess was smashing even though I wanted her to be more of a bold styleicon, both in idea and color/patterns! On the other hand the vintage style was somewhat fulfilled from our Royal Family as Queen Silvia wore vintage :) Not many knows this,  but Queen Silvia is also working hard for the enviromental issues and sustainable fashion, as I saw a clip from her work during a public visit to Germany not so long ago!

Now we come to the fashion style icon from the Nobel banquet. I do think Sara Danius (a member of the Swedish Academy) made a extravagant and fashion forward choice of her dress as well as her choosen accessoires and hair/makeup! Well done! And I do also think Magdalena Andersson (the Swedish Minister of Finance) made a daring fashion, hair and makeup choice, that actually was a hit!

My top style choice of the banquet, however, will be dedicated to Margareta Thorgren  (The Director of the Information and Press Department at the Royal Court). I watched the Nobel "show" at Swedish Television (SVT) and I must say that look, that dress, that styling - She was absolutely drop dead gorgeous! xoxo






Sara Danius