h&m - for the christmas partys

11 December 2017








This is a very very busy period of the year! Besides a lot of work, one has to squeeze in all the Christmas partys! :) With no speartime to go shopping in boutiques, I tend to look whats available on-line. Mostly I choose from Net-A-Porter, although sometimes I click home some lovely looks from H&M. These are my H&M top choices at this moment! I ordered two of these looks for myself! Surely lovely, aren´t they all? xoxo

As being on the subject of shopping fashion on-line I must tell you a little bit of my thoughts in this area! Net-shopping is getting bigger and bigger, sales are constantly on an all-time high and breaking records! I have worked as a buyer of affordable fashion for a store, both on-line and 7 boutiqes. When I worked there, we increased the sale enormously! What I have discovered as analyzing different netshops is the difference in authencity! The focus on so-called influencers is all wacked up, according to me. Not just on the actual websites, but also on social media and above all instagram! I am a rebel in the sense of that I do not wanna follow the flow in buying fashion and products that gets stuffed down my throat! I turn away from instagram stories with products, affiliates and such. I am a rebel as if I had thought from the beginning to bye something that these influencers beats into my brain, I make a deliberate choice to bye an alternative product instead! Buyers do not wanna feel they are getting tricked and talked into buying fashion. Buyers want to be inspired, with inspired I am talking about in an area they themselves can relate to. I truly understand the Net-A-Porter success, they have images and products that are totally in harmony with their customer segment, which also gets validated by the Porter Magazine. What I take a stand against is the idiodic thoughts that overfixed images with models (fotballwives, fashion"editors", fashion "journalists" or fillermodels) shooted in some exotic places or chateaus, with ultraexpensive bags as Chanel as accessoires, are the way to sell affordable fashion. The customer segment do not relate to the campaigns, the pictures, the storys and finally as a result of all that, not to the products either!!! Fake, all the way! It is a fact that fashion netshopping is taking a larger potion of fashionsales. My hope is that the ones responsible for new websites, or developping of current ones,  actually analyze their presumtive customersegment first. Maybe instead of just a background in computer science, economic and marketing they should go down to basic ethology and fashion courses instead, haha ;) (I must add, I was so thrilled about the Åhlens campaign last year, but then again my mentor Fashion Dr. Philip Warkander who was consulted has his base in ethnology) It is my thought that a deep analysis is the way to success for fashion netcompanies. For Gods sake: Try to make those customers desire the products on a level themselves can feel part of! xoxo








All pictures from www.hm.com. Please click on image of your choice for a closer look.