prefall 2018 - best collections - part III

13 December 2017








Fashion is truly a mirror of the times we live in! I do feel that we live in confused times! The world is chattered and so is fashion! Maybe it is because of my organized nature I want to feel an easier burden as a culture being in this times and therefor more attracted to straight forward mature fashion, than ever? This sense might very well be the reason of my choices from Alessandro Micheles looks for GUCCI! I am so tired of the maximus styling and young girly feeling! I do on the other hand love these mature looks as well as I love the sense of 70s in a innovated modern way by the master <3 

I must add that I adored the looks from Akhmadullina with the sense of being right on fleek in these times! Looks that had a hugh impact on me and are very different from earlier seasons! Love them <3 




Alena Akhmadullina


Tadashi Shoji


Max Mara


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