from baby - to - old lady

29 December 2017








As I got home yesterday I was as always welcomed by my amazing little Krispy Kreme. She is so cute, even named after a sweet doughnut brand :) I remember it like it was yesterday as I got my little princess. My rabbit Dennis Beckham (named after him, as he was rabbiting around at that time) had just died and I wished for my first puppy. As I already got my own pony Gila a couple of years before, my family was not sure at that point I could find time to take care of yet another animal. But as always, I got my wish come thru, hehe! My little baby was the cutest little puppy ever, although now soon turning 9 years old and being a bit of an old lady. Krispy is a fierce little creature, always on the move, defending her family and keeping others on distance :) I do love her soo much <3 It is amazing how much a dog really become a true family member for life! xoxo