new years resolution

30 December 2017








Horse all dressed up in the blanket: Rambo Duo from Horseware



For 2018 I just have one resolution! Other may have resolutions about career, education, working out more, quitting smoking or somethings like that! Not me!!! I am in perfect good health and look exactly like I want ;) Carrerwise and about education, I already got my BA earlier in 2017 and careerwise I love it at Louis Vuitton <3  (I might add that I just made a choice to have a short term contract during spring and therefor declinde to become a regulare empolyee. Reasons for this is that I do not think I will live in Stockholm from up-coming summer? )

So my one big New Years Resolution is: Getting back in the saddle! (Maybe in more ways then one?) I need horses back in my life and this year it is finally about time! I have missed the equistrian lifestyle so much these last 5 years: Now it is about time to take matters in hand! Here are some inspo pictures as I actually sold, and gave away, everything when my horse died of bursted aorta, so suddenly and unexpected! Miss her sooo much!!! xoxo







Dressage saddle X-D2 lux from Prestigd,  Bridle from Otto Schumacher and Helmet Shadowmatt Lozenge Swarowski from Samshield.



Dressage Saddle pad with strass from Christina Sport,  Splint boots Piaffe from Veredus and Stirrup System 4 Herm from Sprenger. 


Riding blanket from Back-on-Track,  Halter from Dyón Dressage and Wool blanket in wool from Kingsland



All pictures from my favourite Swedish Equistrian Shop (Situate at the stables Hogsta, where I used to travel often with my horse to train with my coach) namely Hogsta Ridsport