shine alice shine - new years eve

30 December 2017








As I finshed work this evening I went shopping for some make-up in MOODSthlm. For once I will try my admost to bling myself up for tomorrows New Years Eve. I never been like the other girls, not on the inside and surely not on the surface either :) I have never felt like a truly belonged to a click of girly girls? My current thoughts are, if I am an alien, why not do a make-up like one? Ha-ha :). A beautiful shiny Alien-Alice ;) An amazing, beautiful and friendly creature sadly living on such a cold planet! Well this will be my inspo for tomorrow :) 

Tonight, will be spent in the best way possible! Yes, I do know it is Saturday! I choose to stay home with my family and dog!  <3 

To wrap this year up, I looked around on YouTube for an amazing song to share with all you loyal readers! Here is a beautiful song that grabs my heart! May it grab yours too! xoxo