as i woke up today

02 January 2018









As I woke up today I was so bubbly happy inside :) Many reasons why I am currently feeling being in such a good place <3


Today, I start working at Louis Vuitton after the Holidays. I do love my work, my boss and my collegues and ofc customers, so work is something I am really looking forward to!

Today, I also plan dinner with one of my oldest friends, who are just in Stockholm for a couple of days. We have been friends for oooh so many years and catch up a couple of times a year. Always nice to have such a great friend that you get to keep in contact with although living on the other side of the world.

While on the subject of distance and living in different countries: I am not sure what I will do on my weekend off work that is coming up. (I actually has both this weekend and the next without plans). Even though I might not have any fixed plans at all, I do have dreams <3