mix of collections - part III

24 January 2018





Elie Saab Haute Couture Spring 2018


Alexander Vauthier Haute Couture Spring 2018


Givenchy Haute Couture Spring 2018




Here I present the best collections from last days. I might add that I, if I do not say otherwise, shown here my fashionchoices I would love to wear myself (or for menswear buy for my boyfriend) :) Some collections that I choose not to show I do it because they do not talk to my fashion heart. Just to show examples of this: Stella Mccartney showed wonderful bags and shoes, but the looks where not up my alley at all. Maison Margiela tooo crazy for me, yet fashion forward. Rodebjer I felt had no direction with the collecion as well as I felt when I saw the collection by Hermes, not extra beat in my heart. 

Maybe I should, like fashionguru Yuniya Kawamura writes about in her books, just be quite about what I do not like! Silence for fashioneditors and fashionjournalist is the same as non-approvement in fashionmedia. On the other hand, I am not a fashioneditor nor a journalist. I am just a girl with an enourmous passion for fashion, a girl that do not get one penny from this website as I have choosen to be entirely independent without adlinks and commercials, and least by not last: This is my honest lifestyle diary, a place where I talk wheather you wanna listen or not! I must add I am so astonished having sooo many readers daily from all over the world and this fact really boost up me to write as much as I can find time too, even though I am previous engaged! And all of you who give me such positive feedback, mainly by mail : Love you all! xoxo





Thom Brown PreFall 2018


Proenza Schouler RTW Fall 2018



All pictures from www.vogue.com. Please click on image of your choice for a closer look.



25 January 2018 15:47
Hej Alice! Jag undrar om du har några idéer kring öppnande av en ny modebutik i Stockholm. Inriktningen kommer att vara lyx. Hur skulle du fundera kring kundsegment, marknadsföring etc? Måste tillägga att jag är mäkta imponerad av kvalitén på din hemsida/blogg!

På återhörande /Erik