black - fashionable summer

31 January 2018





Roland Mouret and Saint Laurent


Stella McCartney and Saint Laurent


Hervé Léger and Tom Ford




As all of you who know me and hang with me regularly: Seldom you see me wear a look that does not contain black fashion items! :) In fact, mostly I wear black from top to toe! Maybe so because I am such a colorful person? Maybe so because I want to look cooler and more edgy then I really am? Maybe due to that I inherited wearing black all the time from my mother? Maybe so because it is a very very beautiful color, mixed by all other colors? Who knows?  What I do know is that these looks and fashionitems are just so freakin on-fleek for up-coming summer parties! xoxo





GUCCI and Christian Louboutin


Valentino and Christian Louboutin



Christian Louboutin and Saint Laurent


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