friday feeling - on fleek

23 February 2018










That feeling when you look in the mirror and the one looking back on you is absolutely flawless with a skin like porcelain :) I almost never post anything about skincare and makeup here. Now I feel it is about time to tell you my secret. I use all skincare products from Skinplan! My daily routine involves Skinplan Sensitive Cleanser Milk, Skinplan Hyaluronic Acid Day Cream and Skinplan Vitamin A&E Night Cream! Like magic, my skin has never felt better <3 I must tell you I have a very sensitive skin with very small pores, soo great products is essential.

If you wanna find out what you need to get as gorgeous skin as myself, check out the Skinplan website, here! If you wanna know more about the founder, check out the blog of Martina Richter, here (This is just my way of sharing my beauty secrets, no adlinks or any other commercial shit involved) ;) xoxo