Versace - fw 2018 - remembrance from the past

24 February 2018









I really love Donatellas collection for Versace collection fw 2018 that was presented last night during Milan Fashionweek <3 There was something special about it, a rememberance in some way! Could not really put my finger on it for many hours. I read about how Vogue thought is was an "80s glam collection", still I could not get the collection right in my mind?

Then it struck me:  The collection remembers my of my mother! My mother was a huge fan of the creations by Gianni Versace and especially the collections around the year I was born, 1994. I looked in my mothers closet after fashion items I remember mother wearing thru my childhood. Guess what, I found the denimshirt like the one in the middle above. Same color and same cuts with the pockets and buttons. Almost 25 years ago and still the Gianni heritage is sooo strong in the modern collections created by his sister <3

I also found a bag in mothers wardrobe, from that same period. A Gianni Versace Couture bag in a "trunk square size". With chains, like the one below, decoration the front of the bag. I texted and ask my mum about the bag. All she remembered was that it was in the Versace window at Bond Street, London. It was exposed all by itself in a whole window and she fell in love. She still remembers that the bag cost an enourmous amount at that time,  £2500!! Much more then all other bags at that time! But, she thought love at first sight is love for sure! :) Today I have searched after that bag on internet and the bag is nowhere to found, it must have been a very limited exotic one at that time!?

Versace has always had a special place in my heart. As a child I was often dressed in "Young Versace" from top to toe. I still remember how ids and their mothers in school whispered: Alice has such strange clothes for being a child! 

Soo, as you see: Alice is a fashionista from birth and has never been afraid for being different!  xoxo







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