influencers - no more fakes

27 February 2018








Woke up early today, checked my Instagram and got a big energy loss watching all the pictures by so called influencers that really bored the hell out of me :/ I shut down Instagram and instead went to look at Linkedin and that really made a great start of the day :)  There I read that Swedish Frida Boisen, TV Show Host at TV3, Key Note Speaker & VP Head of Digital at Bonnier Magazines & Brands, has written about something I felt inspired of: The great change in the way that buisnesses look upon the use of influencers! Boisen writes about how this huge change in in todays digilitzied society and that it is in fact  - A change of power!  This change is all about how trustworthy influencers ,with a strong brand that is based upon true values, will lead the way in todays society. These new influencers and their work will lift brands and move the focus towards their own personal choices in a trustworthy and inspiring way. Influencers by heart, you might call it! Love it!

I am sooo sick and tired of the main part of the Instagram influencers. Sick of the fake world they promote and actually feel sorry for the direction the world has been turning to recently! Sick in the way this instagrammers cheat their followers AND the brands they represent! There is no real person behind them it seems, no true interest or direction in life! No intelligence, no values and it seems they are not even aware of what position they put themselves in? I might be wrong, is it all about making a short time buck? 

I welcome this huge change as you already must have read on this page many times. I want to be inspired by real influencers, I want strong branding muses and I do not want to be cheated at all! Ofc I want to be tempted, thrilled, excited and moved in the way influencers creates desire, but not just plain lied to! 

In old days, sadly people went to the circus and paid an entrance feed to look at the bearded lady or the elephant man. Instagram feels so much like a modern version of that circus of today, sadly! The more fillers and implants you have in your breast and your butt, the more followers and attention to attract buisness partners!? But who sane person look upon these "influencers" as a mean of creating ones desire? This is where I think the buisness partners get cheated even more then the customers ! Followers and likes has no equal sign to creating desire and increasing sales! I want a revolution! xoxo