Thursday - thoughts of the day

01 March 2018








This is my current thoughts of the day:

1. I have got my LV phone now and this workweek has been truly amazing! I get such awesome feedback in texts from my customers, feedback that almost make me cry of joy! <3 This feedback is my very own, and I do not share it with anyone! I must say that customer fulfillment is one major part in loving my work at Louis Vuitton! 

2. What an awesome dinner yesterday with Jean and Jonas! We are all in the fashionbuisiness, me and Jean at Louis Vuitton and Jonas at Chanel. Lot´s to talk about and what a great fun hanging out with those amazing guys! Raincheck very soon I hope! <3

3. Getting my hair done today as it is my day off work. Probably it will take many hours and I am thinking about getting more blonde highlighters or might even go straight platina blone ? Well, It is all up to my hairstylist to lead the way! I will follow his advices as always :)

4. I feel like I let my readers down a bit! Usually I do a lot of fashion analysis based upon my personal taste and from my own way of looking upon todays society with as always my academic fashion background as a true guidance! I will work on the logistics and work out some kind of schedule to get back to regular posting in a fashion sense that continues to make a difference and at the same time differs from plain traditional fashionbloggers! Promise/ xoxo