tbt life - self esteem

01 March 2018








First the image, although a couple of years old, actually serves as a visualization on my true inner self! I am very private with a healthy self esteem, not bad or in the opposite direction as narcissism. Just a healthy way of looking upon myself and actually feeling good! A good self esteem is something that one has to work on to get absolutely right. I might seem like one girl on the outside, while actually being on oldfashioned friendly soul on the inside! Might be my build up walls?  I have a past of being bulliyed by envious bitches all my life. Now, I just feel sorry for them and how week they really were/still are :) Anyway, alhough having the greatest of loving family, that stuff got to me when I was younger.

Nowadays I know my true value, I know my drives and I know what goals to strive for in life to make it complete for me. I feel truly blessed in so many ways. This tune makes me think of how life happens and with low self esteem, nothing really gives you joy. I hope you all out there, who has been hit hard by life, have the strength to turn things around and find the right path for you! 

And btw: Remember, be good, always! That is a win-win situation! All good things comes to those who are good themselves! Aight! xoxo







Picture: Myself working for damernasvarld.se. Dress from Lars Wallin Couture and hat from milliner Malina Daamgard.