thoughts on my birthday

18 March 2018









Today is my birthday :) One year older and many years wiser! I have learned soo much this last year, not just about myself and the people that I surround myself with, but primarly about different paths in life and choices that has to be made.


Thoughta on my birthday is:

1. Utterly blessed always surrounded by family and true friends. You know who you are and the way you have celebrated me the last 24hours will never be forgotten. You, who I have not been around lately and yet remembered my birthday, thanks for letting me know you are still out there and caring<3

2. Struggle is real as I am still recovering from my concussion. Getting better daily and it is truly amazing what a magic construction the human body is. In other words: Back to basic :)

3. I have moved out my apartment today due to a huge renovation of my apartment. Nothing will be posted here during next week!



Remember be good always! xoxo