chillin like a villain

21 March 2018










I just wanna peep in to keep you up-dated about my life currently. Chillin like a villain :) I have had two days off work and these days has been spent with friends and training a lot at the gym, powerwalking with my little monster Krispy and running intervals. Feeling freakin awesome! :P

Tomorrow back to work at LV, soo you all know where to find me. Besides that? Not so much! Thinking about my choice of leaving Louis Vuitton this summer for something new! Something that is soo uncertain as all I know is that I will move from Sweden! Current thoughts about destination, anywhere :)

Tomorrow i will be at Suite Thursday dinner with my crowd! Be there or be square, hehe!

Currently living at my fathers place next to Stureplan and will be moving back this weekend <3 Miss my mum ofc, even though I love living here too. Today we spoke on the phone as she wanna force me to watch football on Friends this weekend! I do not want go for reasons I keep for myself. Although I will actually cheer for Chile this time. Reasons are many, maybe also due to that I just found out that my mum has a special vurm for Chile? She never told me before that in her home, as a child, her family took care of some children from Chile who had fled to Sweden. Her family did it out of solidarity, no other reasons, and got the connection as the family was close friends with the heads of Red Cross and Amnesty International. A bit of a fairy tale as these children, from these hard circumstances, grew up in the best enviroment with possibilities to give them strength in life to study and become professors and doctors for example.

Is it not magic that one find out new things about life and ones family, constantly! In my family: Never a dull minute! Utterly blessed <3 xoxo

(Btw, will continue my fashion posting and analysis next week when everything is back to normal)