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31 March 2018










Christian Louboutin thigh high boots, ankelboots and python boots



Alexander McQueen alligator jacket, skull leather pochette and leather ankle boots (need a new pair of these that I have worn out)





Saint Laurent silk minidress, mongolian lamb west and jacket





I love buying used fashion! Wearing vintage feels so satisfying as it really is a win-win choice in aspects as from sustaible perspective and fulfilling a will to dress stylish and different. I know that the word "luxury" is becoming more and more about "fast fashion", as being the one to first be seen in for instance a dress from a just released collection. Well, luxury for me is soo much more and I do myself have problem to figure at what luxury really means. For me it seems that the more I read and the more academic studies I envolve myself in, the larger potion of doubt comes to mind about my knowledge of these types of words. This minute my thought about luxury is all about, desire!!! :)  These are my most desirable choices from Vestiaire Collective now! Love em! xoxo









Louis Vuitton vanity case, umbrella and wool plaid





Hermes umbrella, scarf and crossbody bag




Hermes cushion, paperweight and wool plaid




Chanel travelbag, waistbag and bracelet



Chanel belt, choker and necklace



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