the power within

02 April 2018








Daily getting stronger! Strong is the new beauty and I am really talking about stronger on the inside as well as the outside. :) I feel as this extended eastern holiday, off work and other obligations, has boosted me enormously. Soo much time to think about life and not just be like the little hamster running in her cage without a sense of a freely choosen directions in life :) 

This weekend has been mostly all about chillin at home. Putting focus on issues that has to be delt with and decisions that has to be made. Love that solitude mood that is the beginning of something new. That feeling when body and soul works in harmony and balance.

Now off for a refreshing powerwalk around the Royal Djurgarden with Lammis and my little Krispy. Great start of the day! Even though its still wintercold outside, I do dream about the beaches of Miami and counting the days until I arrive. Btw, I know very well that I do not get easily tanned, but one can always dream away in strong inspirational pictures :) xoxo