friday - think again

07 April 2018








As I got home friday I was a tiny little bit cross with myself. The last time we got a check up (december) at work about as who was the best indoor seller (not on phone), I won both in number of fashionitems and total sale :) This time I was in the top, but not ON top! I always set my own goals very very high, might even be too high! I have a drive that always want me to perform at the absolute top, if I don´t perform I do get really really upset! Bad thinking isn´t it? Or?

Then my family looked at the statistics. Both my father and mother gratulated me being a superseller and performing so well and I did not really know why the excitement? I must have been blind :) I have only worked 75% since January and not as a full time employee, as the ones I was comparing myself with! I finally understood that I actually was on the very top once again  :) :) :) :) . Even though I do feel that the most important with salespersons is the meeting that creates customer satisfaction in providing excellent service, it is always nice to have my very own sale satisfaction too!  Now I do think: What better way to celebrate this, than with my friends tonight? xoxo