deja - today u will be dancing

13 April 2018









Today the first competition of the FEI World Cup Final in Dressage begins. I do hope our Swedish rider Patrik Kittel will make wonderful Deja dance her way up to the very top. What a wonderful horse and what a wonderful team they make!

Although many years ago since my very own horse passed away (bursted aorta), way to soon, I still have not got up in the saddle yet :( I am confident that one day very soon I will take up that sport that was the major part of my life for so many years, dressage! Maybe I will get back in the dressage saddle during fall while living in Dubai! I really miss having the faitful loyal soul of a horse beside me daily and I do also miss the weekends travelling together while competing in dressage! 

Until I will be back in the saddle, I will watch the Equestrian World Cup Finals and provide you all with some equestrian fashion I adore :) These are my choices from Hermes! Crave these suckers! xoox








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