soon release for men fragrances - louis vuitton

09 May 2018








Louis Vuitton released a collection of women’s perfumes in 2016. Soon to be released is a new collection with fragrances for men. 

According to WWD, Louis Vuitton’s master perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud has been working with the new collection for years.  And thru these years he has been inspired from how the fashion world for men has evolved, as for example men wearing more and more vibrant colorful accessories.

In the collection you may discover the oud "Ombre Nomade" with a scent origin from the Middle East taken from the wood of the agar tree witch is one of the most exclusive scents of today. With an origin from pure oud oil one can enjoy a spicy and leathery scent.  Another new rich scent is "Au Hasard" with an origin from Sri Lanka sandalwood, ambrette and cardamom.

In the collection there is also fruity fragrances for men: "L'immensité" with a rich grapefruit, amber and ginger scent, "Sur la Route" that has a base in Calbria citrus, cedar and grass and "Orage" with a citrus smell origin from bergamot, iris and patchouli.

I am personally most excited by the final scent in the new collection that is described as "inspired by the experience of eating chocolate". Cavallier-Belletrud conceived the idea for the perfume "Nouveau Monde", which has notes of cocoa, saffron, and oud assam, while relaxing in Guatemala eating Mayan chocolates. This one I hope will smell like a lovely mug of hot chocolate. :)

I have no doubt that the launch will be a great success and yet another step in Louis Vuitton, and LVMHs, journey in the "buisness of luxury". I also heard that there is a sustainable thinking, as one may be able to refill an empty bottle simply by visiting one of the various perfume “fountains” at the stores? Superb! The fragrances are to be released at Louis Vuitton stores and on its website May 31. I am superexited! Are you? xoxo