louis vuitton cruise 2019

30 May 2018







There is truly something very special and very genious about that Nicolas Ghesquière! Even for me, being very used to analysis and looking upon humans wearing fashion as a part of expression them as cultural beings from both my fashionscientic and ethnology background, I find it hard to describe my feelings for this collection in short. To sum it up, even if I perhaps should not do so: It is all about that sense of a genious combining fashion with art (or fashion being art), yet still get it to function all the way to the heart. It is all about that feeling of making subcultural ingredients desirable and with that switching it into desire and luxury. It is all about the creation of new silhouettes and a new sense of body, without deforming the body  instead dress the body in a new beautiful way. 

For me Ghesquière really has done an amazing collection, perhaps the strongest collection of all fashionhouses for many years? Lucky me, I will be able to let my customers experience the collection and witness their admiration too. :) These are my personal choices of looks, are they not amazing? xoxo







All images from www.vogue.com and www.elle.com. Please click on image of your choice for a closer look.