breath - just - breath

12 June 2018











This is my current feeling! Sometimes I just have to act cool and give the impression of not giving a f**k. But belive me, I will take action when the time is right!!!. I never really understood people who damage my character by spreading evil prejudice falseries about me and my life! The ones who know me and my lifestyle (based upon strong ethics, morality and always out of kindness) are baffled about how much envy I am surrounded of. Why do women have to go to such extremes? And why? Should not women empower each other and be happy for others achivements in life? I always strive for that! Well, actions will be taken in a fierce way and very soon...

To get some great energy I finally booked my tickets for my extended vacation in Dubai. The 3rd of September it is take off and bye bye Sweden. I already have found a wonderful apartment for me to rent. So very soon I will gladly leave this duckpond for wonderful Dubai. In Dubai I will focus on myself and getting empowered. Those months will be all about starting to paint again, read many books and start my equestrian dressage lifestyle again. All in order of getting energy for preparing my future journey in the fashion industry! Can not wait! xoxo