tonight - asian post office

20 June 2018







Positive stress :) Lovely day at work, yet a bit stressed over the fact that one of my feet has an infection. I went to the doctor on my lunch and he told me that I need to have penecellin for 10 days. After work great hurry too! Seems that many friends are at Noppes Summer Party this evening, although gonna meet up now anyway and grab some food at Asian Post Office. Asian Post Office is a new restaurant in Stockholm that has got excellent reviews. Soo, one of my best friends will stop by my place with an Uber for our dinner out and later on the options are many. Maybe, back with my crew to Noppes or might be Wall tonight? First night out without heels due to my foot and instead I will party in sneakers. New experience, hehe! See ya! xoxo




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