happy b - dad - you rock my world

27 June 2018









Happy B to my amazing father today! My father rocks my world in every sense and every since my birth when he went by the name, DJ Ess! Always by my side: Kind, gentle, funny, smart, protective, fashionable, generous and kissable! It was hilarous a couple of weeks back as my father kissed me on my cheeks, after he had walked me to work. My collegues at Louis Vuitton, thought I had a new hot boyfriend, haha! <3

Well, I have bought him some Louis Vuitton gifts, of course,  and will take him out for some burgers at BAP Linnegatan in 30 minutes :P. After that I will meet up some friends. as I posted earlier, at Glashuset about 10 o´clock. Then, nightlife in Stockholm: Here I come! xoxo