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06 August 2018











Previously: This was from beginning to end an openhearted and truthful blogpost. I felt after much consideration that it should be deleted. For those of you who have already read it: Everything was true and none exhaggerated, I meant every word I said.

Although, after getting texts from persons involved, who are in fact the ones who mistreated me enourmously I decided to remove the previous words in this post. This change is nothing more then the truth kept in the dark and not public. My choice to delete the previous words are to be seen as that I am a not only a truthful person: I have empathy and kindness, even to them who do not treat me the same way back!!!  Do not want to bring back a fake and toxic friendship at all! I have already moved o with my life. And moved on while looking back to that week in Marbs as a hugh experience in knowing who your true friends really are! xoxo