dubai - my paradise

03 September 2018









In a couple of hours it is lift off :) Later today I will arrive in my wonderful Dubai where I will spend some months getting my mojo back in life. This will be months well spent empowering myself and figuring out what directions and steps I need to choose for making life so true to myself and my inner dreams as possible. These months will be a vacation preparing for the future: Cultural discovering, mindfulness empowering, bodywork towards a leaner and stronger me by a whole lot of training and relaxation with oil painting and extensive reading. Ofc, I will take time for some social things like party and so forth, although that is not my main purpose with this loong vacation. The main purpose is figuring out who I am and decide for myself the paths in life, not just riding the rollercoaster of life faster and faster! :)

I will not blog more than maximum once a week to keep you updated of my life and I might even cut down on social media activities! Take care you all out there and remember: Be kind always!!! xoxo