a sunday in dubai

16 September 2018








Sunday will be a day spent at Dubai Mall! I have such a easy access to that wonderful place as it is just about a five minute walk from my apartment in Burj Al Nujoom :) We will begin at Cheescake Factory with an enourmous brunch, as a swedish friend here truly recommended. After that some shopping I do presume and tonight I will probably go out a bit to Billionaires?

What else? Well, all friday and saturday was spent training and gaining. Reading and relaxing poolside inbetween sessions. Love my life!

About fashion! Well I follow the fashionshows of september on-line. First out was NYFW and now LFW is ongoing and will be followed up by Milan and Paris FashionWeeks. So much to take in and reflect about as for example where the world of fashion is going and why? As you know I will do a summery as usual of my impressions after all these FashionWeeks (season ss2019 rtw) are over and I am able to reflect and compare. So just stay tuned in here! 

Another thing is that there will be a FashionWeek in Dubai up-coming week. exciting as it is called FashionForward and I do hope I will at.least get some invites to shows and partys? :) Love you all xoxo