the love for horses

21 September 2018











Today as I woke up I was thinking of my love for horses! More and more it really hits me that I need to get back to having my own horse. Above you see a picture from the beginning after I got my first own horse, the love of my life - Gila <3 She was a shagya arab / welsh mountain cross bread. As a youngster she had been a showjumper, although I got her on my 12th birtday as a present and changed her body over the years to fit dressage, the sport I was competing in as a junior. I got a lot of help from FEI Grand Prix trainer Bruno Degreef and after a few years her body was totally changed (see as i just got her in a before change pictures, and after a year in an after picutre:) (Even though the best FEI A-trainers in Sweden said that I was the best junior dressage rider they have seen, but on the wrong horse, I did not care as she was right for me. Gila was tricky to ride, with a mind of her own and a very wild temperament due to being so high in blood)

Sadly she passed away so abrouptly in burst aorta way to early in life a couple of years back ! She was my best friend and I lived in the stable daily to be with her and also to help the stable with riding dressage on other horses that needed a great dressage rider.  I was devestated after Gila passed away and have not been in the saddle since.  Now I am thinking of visiting stables in Dubai? If you have any idea where the best ones are, hit me up thru e-mail! xoxo