friday - dubai

27 September 2018









Sometimes it feels like I am walking on pink clouds, everything is so wonderful and fluffy at this moment in time. Thursday was all about training. I took 3 sessions with swimming in the pool, 1 session lifting weights and 1 session running on the thredmill. Getting stronger in every sense, day by day! After that I have been busy checkin out what has been presented today at Paris FashionWeek. Gotta keep being valid on this site :) Soon off for late dinner! In Dubai dinner starts after 2300, not what I am used to at all from back home in cold Sweden.

Friday will be all about celebration! First up - Birthday Celebrations with brunch at wonderful Andreeas ! Later on - I do think there is someting cooking with Akon and 6ix9ine :) :) :). Love my life and do love Dubai! xoxo