sunday - bumday

04 November 2018












Sunday equals Bumday! For me this Sunday is working out on running the treadmill, lifting weights and chillin poolside :) I have not briefed you enough on this site, although I might add I am actually still on vacation :) Serious fashionupdates and analysis to keep this site legit will have to wait until I am truly "back to business"!

Short update: I have had 4 close friends visiting me here in Dubai and from yesterday I am all on my own again. I have sooo many awesome friends here in Dubai and I never thought I would get into such close friendships in just a few months. Grateful! Yesterday was all about birthday celebrations out, starting off with a wonderful dinner at Beef Bar Dubai, heavenly! I just keep smiling and the goals for this trip, energyboost and mindfulness, is achieved maximus. Never felt so good and in harmony with life ever ever before! Be cool ya all out there and remember: Be kind, always! xoxo