best christmas campaign

15 November 2018









#NoPalmOilChristmas. You must know about how the human use of palmtrees destroy our planet and the abilitly for many species to survive. Palmtree oil is a substance in everything imaginable from shampoo to ketchup. I have written about being concious about this before on this blog, as in this post from 2017, link here!

Now, a wonderful and soo important Christmas campaign has melted my little heart <3  I am soo moved and feel a need to share it with you here! It has nothing to do with fashion you might add? Well, I write about my lifestyle too you see. And my choice has for many years been to avoid products with palmtree oil as an ingredient and also cutting down on eating read meat. Everyone can make their own however small choices, to make the world a better place and kept for the future generation. These two choices are my main ones. What do you contribute with? xoxo