what is on your mind - alice?

30 May 2019






Well, so much to tell you! Although, just got time to provide the essentials as you dudes might need an update on my life in general? Or, maybe like Hell No! Well, I provide it anyway :) Currently Alice wonderworld is taking place just about everywhere with focus on training. The fashion business of Stockholm is so very small and summer is around the corner, so I have decided that I might start seeking a new employment or internship from aug-sep instead of now. (I must add that the actual challenge in a position is more important then where I will be based in the world ) For now travelling opportunities has popped up that got my full focus and attention this summer. Great energyboosting and really really looking forward to what´s ahead :)  

The thing that is energy draining and consuming me at the moment is that my apartement is going through a huge make-over, part 1. Windows, roofs and floors are being restored with respect from the age of the building,  early 19th century. Part 2 will be a restoration of walls, doors and kitchen, probably that will be fixed during fall, depending on what plans ADIA has,for the building. For now I am trying my best to keep ahead with just choosing colors, wallpapers and patterns to make that place reach it absolute height. I might go darker than ever, maybe the apartment will match my fashion favourite color, black and greyscale with a touch of gold? When all is finished you may get a peek-a-boo as in before-and- after pictures!? Would you like that? It might not be about fashion, yet a part of my life.

Well, will be flying away tomorrow so no more blogging this upcoming weekend! Take care and remember - Be good - Always !!! xoxo