the world keep spinning - or is it just my head?

24 February 2020








Well, long time no seen! Pardon my absence from updating you about my everyday life. Been a busy bee, almost got my head spinning. Short summery follows here:


- Career/work? Well, been working non-stop at ImageGroup. A job devided in three (3) parts. 1. Assistant Manager - ImageGroup - Visual Merchandiser as in being responsible for all the ImageGroup stores in Stockholm/Sweden with brands as Versace, Off-White, Dolce&Gabbana, Bottega Veneta, Mulberry A wide fashion spectra with high-end multibrand stores as well as flagship stores. Much to do and my sense of styling always get challenged and developed, especially when I work closely with the Global VM Managers to fix everything from windows to interior design. My personal goals are always to fulfill the brand guidlines and the customers expectations of the products in the most desirable way. 2. CRM responsibility where the task is all about social behaviour and fashion knowledge. To gain and maintain a strong relationship, both with our customers and also with for example the fashionpress that comes in- store to choose fashion for editorals. 3. Senior fashion advisor with back office work also including staff training. I really must add that all this work is the main reason for my absence here. I work much more than fultime and seldom has two days off in a row- Therefor family comes first and there has been no time over to focus on this homepage. I will now try to change this...


- My private life? It is still - my private life :) I came down with a serious pneumonia (as in covid 19)  during this winter with a slow recovering as I worked with high fever way to early, too much and too soon. At last I finally got the new test results from my CT and finally - finally I got the go-sign for starting training again as my health is now top-notch again, as it usually is.  I do miss that almost daily routine of keeping fit for body and mind. Now, back to training as usual. Preferably at Sturebadet before breakfast. Love it.


- My fashion journey? Well, time for keeping up with what is what in the fast moving world of fashion has been a struggle lately. Of course I get my fashionmagazines monthly from all corners of the world. Although my favourite are still Vogue (Italian, Paris, US and UK). This week I will try to post my personal reflection from watching the latest collections for RTW FW2020. So far - been superimpressed by Bottega Veneta and Prada. 


That´s about it - Make sure to peep in here again before the weekend - You might be suprised.

Finally - Remember folks - Be Kind - Always!!! xoxo